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Found 7 results

  1. jajaqu

    More Radio and TV

    Hi all, I made a new radio station using WordZed to add a little more flavor to the game's airwaves. There are two extra radio stations: - Parson's Park Radio on frequency 99.4; - and WCVI on frequency 100.6. You can get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975088107 Cheers
  2. Hello! I drove on new cars, tested the update and crushed the zombies. I wanted to see the possibilities of the car. I opened the windows, moved to another seat, looked at the amount of gasoline, and then came to the radio. I turn it on and I understand that there is no sound, but instead of a sound, the text line is running. Of course i know that this is a game style «project zomboid»! But! But! But you can't imagine a huge desire to destroy the dead along with quality atmospheric music content! The one who watched the series called "walking dead" probably will understand me. Under the musical accompaniment, I don't mean any musical tracks, it can be simple melodies as well as those that are now involved in the game. Considering this idea, you can also add some simple sound for TV. It can be just a hissing sound with an illegible voice on the background. It can also be a variety of other extraneous sounds, like the squeaking of a microwave or an open faucet with water. (I confess, I don't remember maybe this sound is already in the game). The bottom line is, I think this absolutely does not break the general style of the game! You know in the game a «project zomboid» in principle, not many sounds... But it was very important for me, to hear in the game the sound of broken glass, recharging weapons, screaming zombies or a distant shot. I also understand that you are busy with more pressing questions. Like the animation (which we are waiting for) or the same machines, but I ask you not to forget about the importance of sounds, this invisible factor plays a very important role! I think that such a simple soundtrack, in my opinion, is simply necessary in order to feel this wonderful atmosphere of this wonderful game. Thank you, the creators <3 Sorry for my English Yours faithfully, the guy from cold Russia.
  3. So, today I worked a little in Wordzed to test it out and to do that, and with a little help from @turbotutone (thank you!) I created a single channel called "Action Classics" with one short script: The first scene of Pulp Fiction. So, I'm thinking, I might expound upon this and either add the script to the entire movie as a mod, and/or find other scenes from other awesome movies and add them in. If so; what movies would you guys like to see?
  4. First of all, I gotta say that I just LOVE how everything in the news is written; it really grips you and you feel the nervousness of the characters and even your own. I really enjoy listening to the news in the game. The sad part, however, is how I always end up with a ''Bored'' Moodle every time I spend a while standing in front of a TV, watching it. Seriously, the news are exciting enough that I try to always watch at least one when I'm in my safehouse, and yet my char gets bored? That feels wrong.... I think that TV and Radio shouldn't allow Boredom to settle in, and I don't think this should be too hard to implement; just make being in the range of listening to either radio or TV count as if you were outside. That way, we even save more books and magazines for when the power inevitably dies out.
  5. Привет! I think it's good idea that in first days you can turn on TV, on TV government will saying something like this: "Close windows and doors and wait military!" or something else. And you can distract zombies. It's realistic and pretty cool. Screens:
  6. So that bbc thing took that one thing about rehabilitated ex-zombies with PTSD and made more episodes about it and they're actually really neat. Any of you guys think that's neat too? Got any neat critique? Actually think its terrible and want to talk about why you hate it? Anywhere in between? Bring it up here for me to inspect with my eyeball orifices and personally denegeate with my brain wrinkles.
  7. Jose420

    Tv Idea

    If you play Twd did you remember the part when Sam Lee Break a glass in a shop of tv? And the zombies run to go to that shop and the distracted for a time. Okay that I recommend is to put the tv that you can turn them on until the electricity shut down. Whit that form we can create a decoy that can distract the zombies for a time but be alert the zombies can smell you or see you when you are trying to escape from that place.But you can turn them off too They can put a image that the tv no have signal and a sound of it. In multiplayer , coop and single player can be a option before you start the game that you can desactivate that action whit the tv (Anti Trollers) Image
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