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Found 9 results

  1. (First of all i want to apology because english is no t my first lenguage) I know PZ is not interested on implementing an higienic system, but I've thought it could be a good idea to give some use to all the showers on the game by implementing a system where the more dirty you are the more chances to get infected by any wound you have. By that, you will need to take some showers every week, al least, to be safe (adding some animations or something, wich could be better than cleanning yourself in a sink ). I have also thought you could take the shower naked (or completly naked) to not get
  2. Welcome and I would like to start by saying I didn’t take any ideas, these are mine and I had these for months. Second I would like to thank you for taking the time to read it. It means a lot. Now without any more interruptions here are my suggestions. Now winter is a problem in Project Zomboid for sure. The only real way to combat this is by sweaters and a campfire. Now my suggestion is the system of heat but before that I need to cover some other things that would play a part in this. The system overview- I say make it so each room has its own temperature, the outdoor has its own too. The
  3. What? A game mechanic that acts as an additional 'sink' to the food system, thefore providing players with another means to dispose of rotten foods instead of through eating or cooking them. Why? Freedom of choice. All skills require time investments and not everyone is a cook/chef. An additional method of removing non-usable food to free up local space, specifically around bases/homes and food spawning containers (fridges). How? Once rotten food is left sitting around (on ground and possibly other instances as well) for a server-prescribed amount of time, a couple scenarios could take p
  4. After reading through the latest Mondoid, I became very excited about the teased ability to give orders to NPC survivors. Judging by the types of orders the player can give, having a group of the super-smart NPCs will help a single player run a massive base operation that otherwise would be impossible or at least very inefficient if attempted alone. But since NPC are smart and designed to mimic player actions... what stops them from completely ignoring your orders and doing something else they see more important, like taking YOU out and taking power for themselves? Will the NPCs come with a
  5. So I just went over all of the suggestions after making an account and saw Sleep quality which is something I have thought about before, which would hopefully add to the expierience and not take too much away. Just like in real life, there are many things that can affect your sleep and when you awake, how rested you feel and how it might impact the rest of your zombie clubbin day. I can imagine a system that might have points (maybe not visual but in code) to determine how much sleep you get and the quality of it, depending on many factors small and big, some listed below. Health - How h
  6. Hello,Indie Stone community and i think i have a pretty good suggestion regarding the Food & Hunger System.I would also like to thank the devs for making such a great zombie and post-apocalyptic simulation game.But i think there is a bit of problem with this game that might make it very unrealistic because of this,The Hunger System. Here's a thing and or a bug(maybe) i have found while researching the game's mechanics: 1.Hunger reduction values giving different hunger moodles. -Example:A cooked fresh steak has a hunger value of -52 can replenish your hunger either from starving/very hungry
  7. I think the axe breaks way to fast. In real life, an axe can last many many years. I have one In my garage that was bought in the 80's and still cuts wood just fine. Maybe there could be a sharpening system instead of the axe actually breaking. That is what you normally have to do with an axe, after time its get dull and you sharpen it with a file. A sharpening system would actually be good for most bladed weapons really, swords, knives, etc. then add in a file and sharpening stone Sometimes you can break an axe handle and have to replace it, crafting one in game could also be implemented. B
  8. OK so you cant sleep on MP, but if there was a minecraft style sleep system where every player needs to be in bed before you can sleep i think this would be a good addition. I know that this wouldnt really work on a big server but for small groups like me and my friends this would be helpful when we need to loot and travel far. let me know your take on this
  9. Hey Guys, So I'm excited for the inclusion of NPC's and I've been thinking about groups of NPC's and some things about them, if one of the developers could answer or hint towards anything that'd be great Also I'd like to hear others' thoughts on things like this. 1. Will group leaders be different in any way? As in can an NPC leader be a bit of a psycho and try to steal from and kill other groups whilst an NPC leader of a different group may be an honest person who tries to build a life for people? If so, what happens if the player or another NPC disobeys them? 2. Can group leaders (includ
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