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Found 1 result

  1. Icewind

    A new weapon suggestion...

    What you need to remember when you fighting a zombie? That even, a slightest infected scratch may kill you. No matter how strong you are or how many you already killed or what a great fortress you have…. A single tiny scratch can infect you. And you finished. So, the main goal when you fight a zombie is to keep him as far from you as possible. That’s why guns are so great! – but the downside of guns is that they loud. You easily kill one zombie but you calling 100 more to your location. And bullets of course… there’s never enough…. So, my suggestion is to create a SPEAR! It is very easy to craft! I mean, all you need is a long enough stick, a simple kitchen knife and some bandages to bind them together. Any plank would work fine and there is so many knifes in game. The advantage of this weapon, as I said, is its hitting range. I guess it will be twice greater distance than a normal baseball bat swing hit. Oh, and there better be a different character animation for that… its not an axe slashing type of strike – it have to be some piercing lunge forward hit… It won't knock zombie to the ground (well, it can, but not that often like a baseball bat) but it will push them back, away from you. (and give them some damage of course) Good for a distance control. The disadvantage of this weapon, is its low durability… The durability of all knifes is pretty low… But the advantage is that you can create many spears, easily from common materials. Advantage: 1) Easy to craft. 2) The longest hit range melee weapon. 3) Pushing zombies away from you. Disadvantage: 1) Low durability. I am reading the forum now and I see that people have already suggested spears, many times… (sorry)