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Found 1 result

  1. I have been thinking for a while that the selection of stuff we can paint with the paintbrush is quite limited; just a Skull and some arrows, and nothing else. So, I was thinking that we should have some more stuff we could paint, both on the walls and signs. Here are a few ideas. - LOOT Pretty self-explanatory; this is a place that still has some loot left. It could be used by helpful survivors pointing you to a place that had stuff they didn't need, just as it could be used by some evil ones leading you to a place ridden with traps or with a horde inside. - $$$ Someone inside is willing to trade. Just like the loot sign, this one could be used both for good and evil. This could help the survivors to find those willing to trade stuff more easily, but it would also tell the more thief-minded ones where's a place worth raiding. - Zs! Zeds inside, and in great number. Steer clear of this place. However, just like that it could be used by wary survivors to keep would-be thieves away from their homes, as they would fear the hordes. Those are all I could think of. Feel free to post your own ideas.
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