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Found 3 results

  1. I strongly suggest armor is a must. Yes I read that at the moment it is a Maybe. I have lucky perk and thick skin and I still get scratched very very often when a zombie never even touches me (animation wise). We need to be able to pick up trash can lids as shields Hunt for animals(future) and make leather Find leather jackets, biker gloves, SWAT/Riot gear. Anti blood splatter gear, gas masks, eye wear, breathing apparatus. I feel very helpless in the game when I leave my base, and I feel it makes the game more complex(better). One of the first things I would do in real life is to dress in some sort of protective armor.
  2. Game starts 1. In the beginning, you get a semi-random home depending on the proffession, not always a house, maybe not even a roof over your head, just a home you had the time. 2. After you choose a proffesion, you'll have a choice, to either do the one thing the game would ever tell you to do, which is do what the proffesion is, and where they want you to do it. Just to familiarize you with what you're supposed to know how to do. 3. However, if you don't need to, or don't want to, you don't have to, you could just start familiarizing yourself with the people, or the places around you, maybe find out who you'll befriend, rob, and/or kill. Get an early start on your home fortification, or you could just go nuts and start raging on people before the chaos even hits (GTA style). Or you could just roam or something. From Order to Chaos and Back 1. After the first day, panic hits, and the virus spreads within hours. 2. Since the game is already random with zombies, the timing of the full blown riot can vary. 3. As the riots continue from dusk till dawn and beyond, you'll see the zombie population growing, and your fellow human population dwindling right before your very eyes. 4. The military begins the quarantine, they set up outposts, they block the roads, they do sweeps on land and air, killing zombies and people alike, just taking orders. The End Times A. With the military only able to do so much, the zombie populations around you continue to rapidly grow. B. With the military ordered to hold the line and shoot everything that moves, many of their outposts and road blocks quickly became low on ammunition and couldn't hold out, the quarantines failed. C. With quarantine, after quarantine failing, the panic now spread across the country, the people realizing their government could not protect them any longer, decided to revolt by taking what they wanted and needed and leaving, the government fell. D. The game would normally start here. E. With the military not getting orders from up high anymore, or getting fresh intel from central HQ, the military itself simply disbanded. F. Most soldiers decided to go there own way, they will become survivors just like you, but better equiped, and you will either befriend them, rob them, and/or kill them. Extra Ideas Aging. With aging, you would be able to pick which age to start from, and depending on what age you are, there would be some extra buffs and debuffs to come with it. Plus, after a long time of this shit, zombies would eventually slow down, weaken, and then simply die from deterioration, the zombie population would eventually descend. Dreams & Hallucinations. Somehow, dreams and hallucinations have to be a thing in this game. Love ya, PEACE!
  3. After seeing the scene from TWD where the group encounters zombies with riot gear, and their usual machete/bat to the head tactics didn't work. And I thought, "Hey, that would make an awesome gameplay mechanic in PZ!" Adding groups of zombies with riot gear, would not only be a smooth way to implement riot gear itself and make zombie combat have more variety, it would also add more sense of immersion (which PZ already provides so heavily) by seeing the dead riot squad that tried to take on the horde. Now that the explanation of the idea itself is out of the way, we can move on to combat. The riot zombies would be EXTREMELY resistant to blunt and shard weaponry, and because of their bullet resistant clothing would take more 4-7 shots to kill. Now, before you say its to OP, listen to this. Earlier, I mentioned a scene for The Walking Dead...now I will annoy you all by doing so again. After the group encounters the riot gear zombies, the soon realize they can stab them through the chin up under their glass visors. That is how i think they should be in PZ as well. So the best way to kill them, is with a knife, whether it be a kitchen knife or any of the other knives added later on. It would be instant, like with other zombies. Although it sounds easy, it leaves you vulnerable to other zombies and is not advisable when in combat with many zombies at once. Now, a few more things and I'll be done. The Riot gear slows the wearer down quite a bit, both players and zombies. With zombies there is an equal chance for their visor to be up or down. If it is up, it is much more vulnerable to all attacks and can be killed with one shot to the head. If it is down, it cant bite you, just grab you leaving you open to other zombies to sink their teeth into you until you push them off. Well ok, that about covers this suggestion, and as always I'm open to criticism and suggestions. http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/stg.ign.com/2013/04/riot-gear-zombie_the_walking_dead.jpg
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