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Found 1 result

  1. The Mighty Gerbil

    Dirty Clothes on Zombies

    I like your recent medical editions in build 30. I have more dangers to watch out for and finally a reason to loot bathrooms and medical places (which before was largely a waste of time). I did still notice a glaring omission though. Although bandages get dirty and need to be changed I can still use any zombie's clothes to make bandages. It stands to reason a zombie's clothing would be among the worse things you can make bandages out of. I suggest adding a dirty state to clothing and flagging all zombies as automatically having dirty clothes. Dirty clothing would produce dirty rags and like rags you could clean clothes with water. Some clothing you find could be randomly dirty too, perhaps the stuff in garbage cans or washing machines? If you wanted to get complex you could make your clothes get dirty over time or dirty from fights but I think it's unnecessary, not worth the work and possibly a bit too "The Sims". A binary flag would be sufficient rather than a timer on how long you can use clothes. Getting worn out would probably be better use for a timer than dirty anyway as there is little reason to look for clothes now. Anyway It's just really weird to make safe bandages from disease ridden zombie clothes. Adding any more depth would be a bonus but it's not important.