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Found 13 results

  1. This mod is designed to simply the process of adding new professions, or editing the default ones. As well as simplifying the addition/modification of a profession's skills, traits and known recipes, it also allows for the creation of custom profession starting kits: both items in inventory and on the ground in front of them, and running a custom OnNewGame event for each profession. The 'special effect traits' (ones that don't edit skill levels) such as brave, lucky, outdoorsman, etc can be properly used by new professions without bugs and extra coding on the modder's part. Please note this mod adds no new professions or changes itself, it is simply a framework for use by other modders. Example of a upgraded Park Ranger, starting with the outdoorsman trait, ORGM's Lee Enfield No4 (with scope and sling attached), spare ammo, a hiking bag, and a tent and campfire kit on the ground at their feet: Example of a new profession: The Military Sniper, starting with Inconspicuous, Graceful and Brave, ORGM's SR-25 (with scope and sling) and spare ammo: Example of a updated Chef, starting with a set of GOOD kitchen knives: List of all 'special effect traits' that can now be added to professions: For best use and compatibility with other profession mods that may use this framework, it is advised you don't actually include this mods lua files in your mod. Instead make it a requirement, and just call the ProfessionFramework.addProfession( ) function from your own mod. Downloads: Current Version (1.00-stable): https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/ProfessionFramework.zip Steam workshop (1.00-stable): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1343686691 Github Development Version: https://github.com/FWolfe/ProfessionsFramework
  2. Very simple request. I'd like to see the ability to save your characters during their creation, much like how you can save Sandbox settings alongside the pre-existing presets (Default, Beginner, 8 Months After Apocalypse). This could lead to some very interesting concepts later down the line when customization of characters becomes more in-depth, as you could have people sharing different character creations with each other with different trait and profession combinations. I find it slightly irritating having to create my preferred builds over and over, though I don't mind. It would just be helpful and more efficient if you could save them for easy access.
  3. Pann


    I am definitely new to modding, but have been working on a custom professions mod. My mod currently makes custom professions and then adds items to them based on the selected job. My question comes down to adding in items from a different mod? I can get it to load with base game objects, but I am not able to get it to load Hydrocraft items. Is there a resource that might point me in the right direction? I'm sure its something simple.
  4. For a small mod I was thinking of, I would like to up the character creation points to 10 and have every profession cost either 5 or 10 points, depending on what bonuses they give. I believe this will be far more balanced than the ++Points mod, allowing every character to have a job at character creation without taking a bunch of negative traits, but also not allowing players to create superhuman badasses. The only problem with this is that I have no idea how to change the value of a profession. Could anyone possibly help me with that?
  5. El3vated

    Remove Professions

    I am wondering if anyone would be willing to help point me in the right direction as to removing the default professions and adding only my own.
  6. Regicide (Competitive Zomboid) aka “Kill the King” I am part of a small gaming clan (HYPE Gaming) that really enjoys Zomboid, but feel it lacks a Competitive feel. We are working on a mod to make Zomboid PvP more structured for competitive play. The goal of this mod is to make Zomboid a “slightly” faster pace along with emphasis on team vs team gameplay. We have already began development but would like help from the community on ideas and some coding. Features We would like any kind of positive input along with more help with coding. Anyone willing to help or test please let me know. We fully understand that there are some loops holes that have to be tackled to make this experience work and be enjoyable.
  7. To make this clear, this is NOT talking about special, mutated zombies of any kind nor will it affect their behavior and stats. This would simply add more variation to zombie appearance and would affect loot drops and such depending on the variation. In the zombie apocalypse, not everyone is going to be at their homes in plain colored clothes when the outbreak spreads. People will be killed/turned at their workplace or while performing a specific service. These zombies had professions/jobs at the time of the zombie apocalypse. Once they turn, they will wear and hold (but not use) items that go with their profession or job and join the horde of the undead. As a result, looting a zombie of a certain profession has a chance to have certain items on them. I will show some examples of some "professional" zombies: Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, and/or EMTs: Chance to have useful medical items such as disinfectant, bandages, or needles. Fireman: Chance to have axes and fire extinguishers Policemen:Chance to have a weapon (a bat, crowbar, pistol, shotgun, or ammo for said guns) Construction Worker: Chance for hammer,nails,screws,screwdriver,glue, and wood glue An issue of this would be how the clothes would drop. They would be wearing uniforms, not plain clothes. However maybe we can have uniforms act similar to basic clothes and act as cosmetic variations.
  8. I see the option there to give my character free traits... but I can't figure out the names of the traits I want (the profession-specific ones) in terms of their coding names, and I don't know the format for spacing them or how that works. Anyone wanna enlighten me?
  9. Hi all, Long time lurker & player, first time post. Pretty much everything within my suggestions is based on modifying numbers within the mechanics of the game so (in my opinion), everything is completely realistic to implement. I have gone through about 25 pages of this suggestions thread and couldn't find a post to piggyback on, only smaller threads about individual facets of the character building system. If there is a relevant thread then apologies, but I did have a 'more than reasonable' look. I like the skill, trait and profession system as it obviously helps within the game (levelling skills and picking traits makes your character better\worse) but also contributes to re-playability and also with role playing. It also has massive potential to be built upon. I believe there is an 'official' appetite to build on this area so hopefully at the very least, this thread sparks ideas within the community to help make the system amazing. Please do leave feedback whether good or bad, as you can see it has taken a lot of thought and effort!! Skills At the moment you have 3 categories of skills; crafting, combat and agility which you start off with 0/5 points. You gain XP overall but also within each skill. When you fill the skill level you can use a point to level it up. First change would be to remove the overall XP and the skill point and just allow the skills to level naturally when performing tasks. Also at the character creation page they all start with a base 1/5 in every skill which would equal no bonus modifier. This would give the introduce traits / professions that lower the skill to 0/5 which would give a 'negative' ability to that skill to start with. I would also like to see the list grow so you would have the following categories and abilities within (some of these already exist, some look like they are being implemented imminently and others are just my imagination). Will list the skill and then in italic what levelling will give you (colours just to make it easier to read) Crafting Building (replaces carpentry to have a more generalised skill that isn't a profession) Increases items available to build; increases item durability (repaired or built) Cooking Increases items available to build; decreases hunger timer; decreases boredom Farming Increases crop harvest; increases chance for seed reuse; reduces chance for crop disease Fishing Decreases chance of damaged equipment; decreases time to fish; increases fish variety / size Hunting Increases chance of trapping; decrease chance of equipment breaking Medicine Decrease permanent injury / illness affect; increases healing time with bandages / pills; Combat Blunt (Hammer / Baseball Bat / Golf Club) Increase damage; decrease chance for depreciation; increase chance to hit Blade (Knife / Axe) Increase damage; decrease chance for depreciation; increase chance to hit Hand (No weapon equipped) Increase damage; increase chance to knock over; decrease chance of taking damage Firearm (Guns / Crossbows?) Increase damage; decrease loading time; increase aiming accuracy Projectile (Throwing / Crossbows?) Increase accuracy; increase damage?; decrease noise made Physical Sprinting Increases sprinting speed; increases sprinting time without exertion Lightfooted Decreases noise made when moving (walk / run / sneak) Nimble Increase sneaking speed ; decrease noise made performing actions; Strength Increase carry weight; increase blunt, blade, hand combat damage Constitution Decreases illness chance; Decreases injury chance Mental Bravery Decreases panic chance; decreases panic escalation Interaction Increases good reaction chance from NPC; decreases boredom Awareness Increases sight awareness ; increases noise awareness Wily Decreases time to open windows; decrease time to open locked items Temperament Decreases mental illness chance (depression / boredom / anxiety) Now with the removal of the overall XP and skill points, you now could create an overpowered character quickly, so to combat this each category will have mechanics to reign that in. Crafting: when you hit a level it slows down the rate at which you gain XP within the other crafting skills but increases the rate in which you gain XP in that skill. This plays on the idea that the more you learn the basics the quicker you become advanced at something but will also stop you becoming proficient in every crafting skill quickly. The longer you survive the more chance you will have to get 5/5 in all of them. Reading books helps negate the slow XP rate triggered by level rises. What this also promotes especially within the multiplayer side is specialisation. Combat: The same as above happens but like crafting only has an affect on other combat skills. (I.e by levelling firearms, you don't slow the farming ability). This also allows the introduction of combat books. Physical: With the exception of Constitution, these stats are levelled up by performing the actions (sprinting levels sprinting etc) and would level quicker than crafting and combat, but would have a way to keep them from levelling too quickly. Each physical skill will have a % chance of injury in a particular area and a % severity of injury. So for example when performing a sprinting action, you have a chance of injuring your leg or back with a severity of (unnoticeable, minor, medium, severe, untreatable, debilitating). Sprinting / Lightfooted Nimble Strength Legs Back Legs Back Arms Back Arms Unnoticeable x x x x x x x Minor x x x x x x x Medium x x x x x x x Severe x x Debilitating x x Unnoticeable, minor, medium and severe are all temporary 'moodles' that slow down XP gain and temporarily decrease physical stats with unnoticeable for a very short period of time (~6 hours) and severe for ~5 days . Medicine crafting can help increase healing time to help clear up this ailments quicker. Debilitating can occur through a seperate incident or repeatedly injuring a particular body part. This is a permanent level and XP debuff which can be slightly reduced through medicine crafting. An example of this would be to be carrying heavy items all the time, which will increase strength over time, but you could also keep injuring your back which could then lead to a debilitating back injury which will then have an adverse affect on strength. Mental: This would work like physical (with the exception of temperament). For example bravery gets better over time as you encounter more zombies, but have a dodgy situation occur that causes you to just escape with scratches and this permanently drops a level or two. Same with interaction (which is more NPC based), have a bad experience with an NPC (they are evil or one of your NPC's gets eaten) and this has a permanent level drop. Constitution and temperament increases naturally the longer you survive as your adaptability to the zombie situation increases but can be slowed down through injury and illness. Potential for conflicting skills There is also the option to have skills that conflict or lower another skill level. For example as your bravery rises, this could have a detrimental affect on awareness as you become more cocky. Increasing strength could also decrease nimbleness and vice versa. Again this could lead to more specialisation which would be excellent on MP. All of these can also be affected by professions and traits which I will go into in a follow up post.
  10. This mod simply adds items to a players inventory upon starting a new game with a specific profession. Made by request of the community. Mod Features Fire Officer;Fire axe Police Officer;Pistol9mm Bullets Park Ranger;Matches, Tent, Campfire kit, Kindling, Water Bottle Construction Worker;HammerSawBox of nailsBox of screwsScrewdriver(Will include toolbelt container on next update) Security Guard;Baseball Bat (Possibly change to custom baton on next update)TorchBattery Baseball bat Vitamins It was suggested that each player spawn with a utility style belt to hold the items/tools they start with, so that feature may be implemented. Mod was built on stable build 23, however it should work or any other version you are running. Download v.1
  11. b133d_4_u

    Project BLEACH

    Project BLEACH is my second mod ever. It will add many Zanpakuto to the game. I am currently having trouble with the coding so if anyone wants to help out, feel free to contact me. Adds: Reishi Reiatsu Shakkaho Sokatsui Soren Sokatsui Haien Zabimaru Zangetsu Tensa Zangetsu Tekken Ryujinjakka Shiden Tengumaru Tachikaze Suzumebachi Two new professions and traits! This will add the professions/traits of Soul Reaper and Arrancar to the game. By picking one of these professions you will start out with an Asauchi which you can use to create ONE(1) Zanpakuto of your choice. Each Zanpakuto has its advantages and disadvantages so choose wisely! Planned Features: Construction(Senkaimon and Garganta) Locations(Hueco Mundo,Rukon District,and Sereitei) NPC's(Hollows) The mod itself is complete, but i am currently debugging(nothing works right),and could use some help.
  12. RegularX

    [WIP] Xmod

    So I'm wrapping up SICmod, which I tried very specifically to keep to stuff which I thought blended in to the vanilla game itself. SICmod might make things a little easier in some ways, but nothing was over the top. Xmod - Xmod should be over the top. Balance schmalance. If the weapon doesn't instakill - something is wrong (OK, near instakill. Instakill is .... difficult post 9.15). Did you read somewhere that a nail gun is a poor zombie weapon? Don't care. Course, SICmod was a little easier because it played by the rules. Most of the things in SICmod are based on something that already exists in the game somehow. So I'm not really sure what can and can't be done here - but here's a proposed list: Update: Changing some of the design based on general limitations and also approaching it from a more Profession-centric way. XProfessions: These will be professions selectable at the character create screen. Former SMart Employee -Sawed off Shotgun -Plenty of Shells -Copy of Necronomicon Bonsai Chef - Carbon Steel Knife - Good with Knives Trait - Full cooking XP - Starts with plenty of canned food Wandering Samurai - Katana - Good with Everything Trait - Tiger Blood - Various Physical traits Evil Genius - 10x MURDR Grenades - 5x Romero’s Tonic - 5x No Damage Tonic - SUPR Pistol Escaped Psychic - Exploding Brain Wave Attack - Various negative psych traits - All good awareness traits Shaolin Master - Kung Fu - Tiger Blood Trait - Various positive physical traits Hitman 42 - Silverballer - Good with Everything Trait - Way of the Gun Kata Trait - Full Aiming XP The Handyman - Starts with every tools and lot of nails - Full Carpentry XP The Farmer - Starts at a farm, with loads of gardening stuff - Full Farming XP XWeapons: Very Rare (configurable) items Necronomicon Reading from the Necronomicon may destroy/injure nearby zoms. Reading too much of it may be dangerous to your health... Nail Gun Uses nails in your inventory for ammo. Moderately deadly, faily silent. Katana / Carbon Steel Knife Decent range, extremely durable. MURDR Nade Designed specifically to harm zombies SUPR Gun Solar powered Undeath Ray pistol. Dodgy when rainy. Romero's Tonic Cures everything. Even dries you off. No Damage Potion For a short period, everything is healed instantly. XTraits: Free with an XProfession, otherwise quite expensive Tiger Blood Zombies don't scare you. They might be scared of you. Kung Fu With your hands, who needs a chainsaw? Good with Knives You can attack continuously with a blade while aiming Gun Kata You can attack continuously with a pistol while aiming Good With Everything Any melee weapon in your hand is deadlier Psychic Your mind is a weapon Really Handy Full Carpentry XP Gourmet Chef Full Cooking XP Master Green Thumb Full Farming XP Most of this I've got working in some capacity, but needs a lot of testing. Won't release a build until after 9.17 comes out with the new modding framework. Due to some questions about how Xmod might be doing x or y (especially when it comes to efficiently killing zombies) - I'll go ahead and post a 9.16 friendly version. Please note: This code is untestedIt's also kind of ugly and a bit shy. It may well bite.It may very well crash your game or corrupt your save. You've been warned.I'm only about half way through trying to "balance" the Professions. By "balance" I mean somewhere leaning towards "wildly overpowered" while being knee deep in "still fun". But don't complain if you pick a profession that starts of with a zombie cure, or by reading the Necronomicon too many times you find yourself suddenly infected (cough cough).That said, please wait until after I can test this against at least 9.17 before commenting on things like "the Psychic is way overpowered". Some of the tricks in this version which might be of note to other modders: The KillAllZombies function in XWeapons will instakill all zombies in a radius. The Necronomicon, MURDR Nade and Pyschic attack all use it.If you look at the "KungFu" and "Psychic" related stuff, you'll see how you can override the default hand attackThe Silverballer weapon is my best effort so far to play nice with the ReloadManager.XProfessions shows how to add your professions and control them without having to rewrite any existing Lua files.Necromonicon and Romero's Tonic has some bits on curing/causing infection. Necronomicon is untested, I think I added it around midnight last night.The "attack while aiming" code might be curious to weapon mods, but again - very untested. This is one bit that will probably need a lot of tweaking. There is a strong chance that much of this might change post 9.17. Fellow modders please feel free to grab, copy, paste, modify, outright steal or otherwise take advantage of the code. Since none of this rewrites existing Lua, as long as you're putting it back into your own object/namespace there shouldn't be any conflicts. All due credit, yada yada - more important if you're trying to do something fun with the game. All I really ask is if you see that I'm doing something horribly wrong, or otherwise have a suggestion to improve X or Y let me know. Feel free to shoot questions here or via PM. Download link here: http://xmod.herokuapp.com/Xmod.zip
  13. I'm trying to figure out of my noobish coding skills (aka "guesswork") are what's causing PZ to crash on loading a save, or if there's something hinky in regarding adding professions that's causing said crash (after the title sequence) when my mod is loaded. I assume that it's my fault, because I can get the 'Action Hero' profession mod to load just fine. So... what's wrong with my code? function DoProfessions() local model = ProfessionFactory.addProfession("model", "Model", "Prof_ParkRanger"); model:addFreeTrait("LightEater"); model:addFreeTrait("Graceful");endEvents.OnGameBoot.Add(DoProfessions);Something obvious, I'm sure... but what have I screwed up? Note that I can create new traits just fine and have the game use them/not crash. It's adding professions that causes the game to crash for me.
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