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Found 1 result

  1. As I played the game I found out there was a river . However when I tries to fill my water containers I couldn;t do a thing . The river was there only to watch it. So here are some ideas of how the player may interact with the river: 1) Water Supplies : The player may collect the water or drink it 2) Dig River routes near it : When using the trowel near the river there is another option to dig a water route. Doing this action will cause the water to come the way you have digged. 3)Build a power generator : On the smaller routes you have dig , you will be able to build small power generator ( that can only refill 1 battery per day) These Generators will require blueprints to be built and a high enough carpentry skill. (Blueprints can be found in the Power Factory (I don;t know if there is one but if there is I think that the player shall be able to travel there and loot things and fuel up the power generator ). There will be an other device which can be built through blueprints , that will allow you if you have at least 20 Hydro Power Generators or 20 Wind Power Generator (or ten of each). To concentrate their power and give power to a house 4)Fishing : (I think it is the only thing you can do now but I am not sure) 5) Farms : Near River or lakes shall be more efficient -> they do not require watering , What you are planting is available to you faster. 6)Suicide in the river : You will always have the choice to suicide in the river 7) Build a raft or Boat : ( I think it is already planned or completed) and use the river as a travelling route. 8) Swimming in the river : Well no exact reason to do it , just to get wet or search for herbs ( not included in the game) So what do you think of my Idea ?
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