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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys so I'm kinda new on the forum, but i have a great idea for a Pz mod. My idea is all those shiny silver trashcans you see around Pz have now been transformed into zombie calling death traps. Pretty much meaning that when your attempting to break into that house now you must walk carefully and make sure to avoid the trashcans. My idea was that if a player comes in contact with the trashcan, depending on their speed, there is a chance that the trashcan will fall over making all sorts of unneeded noise. Later improvements would include things like: zombies knocking over trashcans, items spilling out of the knocked over trashcans, and maybe even the ability to pick up that trash can lid and use it as a shield! I am pretty clueless about the modding aspect, but I have tons of great ideas that i would love to see come to life one day. If anyone is good with mods, has free time on their hands, and would like to hear some more or give my idea a shot reply with your name and email and let me know your availability and we'll discuss all the aspects around it. Thanks for your time!
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