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Found 7 results

  1. hi As the title says, i am having extreme difficulty in figuring out how to use these explosive devices that are remote detonated or sensor detonated. Every single time i attempt to plant one on the ground it explodes as soon i drag it out of my inventory, killing me instantly Is there something that i am doing wrong? Can someone please explain to me on how to use these devices? Cya!
  2. hi As the title says, i am asking where do i find the file that allows me to add new medical recipes? For example, i am wanting to add a "Homemade Splint" that consists of gauze wrap and planks. This would be better than the "Makeshift Splint" consisting of twigs and sheets. However, i cannot find the location of the file that allows me to create the new recipe for the Homemade Splint to allow me to apply it the character. I know how to add the specific medical item (you just go to "Items" folder and make it there). I just don't know the location for adding the specific recipe that allows you to apply the medical item to your character. If someone could inform me of where i could find the file that allows you to add new medical recipes, i would greatly appreciate it ! Thank you for taking the time to read my thread and God Bless! cya, Alexei
  3. So I created a server for me and my friends, and I need access to admin rights. First of all, I created my server and started running it, and I used the command /adduser "abop" "password" and i'm not even sure what that does. Next, I used the grantadmin "abop" and it says admin is granted. When I use commands, none of it work, how am I supposed to login as admin and where? I created a password as well. Ps: When I use grantadmin do I refer to my in game name such as the one I log into the server with, or Something else??
  4. hi Is there anyway to add an extended magazine attachment? I have already tried "ClipSizeModifier" and i have had 0 success so far.. Can anyone help me out? cya
  5. hi Like the title says, i have a question regarding the topic of adding one attachment to multiple firearms For example, i have a generic "Foregrip" for most assault rifles. However, it seems that i can only put one firearm in the line were it says "MountOn" If i try to add more firearms by putting a / it will not work for anything at all Can anyone help me with this? cya
  6. Then ever I place a window on a exterior wall, it either places a window inside the window, or pushes the window to the side. Please help me resolve this issue, since I can't continue on my building untill it's fixed somehow.
  7. Hi guys, I recently started playing Project Zomboid multiplayer, and I played it with a friend for about an hour or two with no problems. Eventually we got split up and he died, so we had to restart the server and make a new world to start a fresh. Unfortunately, upon restarting the server, and deleting the server files, I was unable to connect to his server. I did a full uninstall and reinstall, which seemed to fix the problem, but then he was able to go past black areas in the map that I wasn't, as if my game hadn't rendered the chunks of the map. My internet is completely fine, with 30mb/s down and 2mb/s up I don't see why it would be a problem. We're playing through Hamachi, so I assume port forwarding isn't a problem, but I'm not completely sure. Please help me with this, because I really enjoy this game, and I want to play it more. George.
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