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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone!!! Well we can all guess what all of us are busy with at the moment .Its very exciting for new user generated content to pop up and whats better than a place to easily find and share this content.So I am creating this topic in hopes that we can share it here in this case the content being user created lots.So thank you for your time and here we go!! Please give credit to the creators of these lots when using them!! Residential House lot by Veged Topic Link Here Second House lot by Veged Topic Link Here Five Story apartment lot by LeoIvanov Topic Link Here Stores Offices Office tower lot by rsdworker Topic Link Here Hotels/Motels Fire stations Arma II fire station recreated by Veged Topic Link Here Other Project Zomboid original buildings recreated by bobheckling Topic Link Here Please create your own topics for your lots because there is an image limit and i cant show all of your images also include a download link there and then I will put a link to your topic above.Thanks
  2. Suomiboi

    Lot Levels?

    Hey, I'm a bit puzzled with purpose of the Lots column in the left side in WorldEd that has the different levels in it from 0-10. Are these different floors or are they meant to be used as to not have clipping walls when buildings are next to one another? I'm suffering from twiddling with the clipping issue and my only solution so far has been to place the buildings in WorldEd from North to South when building a row of houses. Here's a pic: Spoiler If I can assign the buildings to the different levels, that's going to be a huge deal in making my work go a bit faster. If not, do you know a simple workaround? Thanks a lot!!
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