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Found 1 result

  1. I'm trying to update my Mod and I don't believe anyone has been able to reduce the spawn rate of items in their mods without reducing other in-game items. I believe this is due to SuburbsDistributions and the amount of rolls that are assigned to each container. I believe the lowest "rarity" an Item can have is 1. If I want to increase the rarity of my item and still have it spawn in common places I have to increase the rarity of all items in the container by reducing the rolls to 1. What I've been trying to do is mod the ItemPicker.lua to run two separate ItemPickers. I figured this would be simple by copying ItemPicker, naming it GunPicker, and changing all "ItemPicker"s in the lua to "GunPicker" and having GunPicker choose items from a different distribution file, rather than SuburbsDistro. It turns out that this doesn't work. Is there anyone who knows how I can make a 2nd ItemPicker.lua that will run in conjunction with the in-game one? There is also another way I thought of to make it work, but I know too little to do it myself. If I could make a single ItemPicker.lua run, but choose items from two different distribution files, that would also work. Hope this doesn't sound insane.
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