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Found 2 results

  1. Recruiting Zompocalypse Server Members For White Listing SORRY WE MOVED CHECK US OUT HERE http://zompocalypse.boards.net/thread/20/zompocalypse-server-recruitment-100-slots AND BE SURE TO LOG IN
  2. After coming back to PZ after a couple months away, first thing I did was trying to check if any of the stuff I posted on the tracker was still there or had been answered/fixed. Sadly, while the new tracker is good and all, it's kind of unwieldy. The only way I have to locate the stuff I posted is a few hours of searching page after page after page. The same goes if I wanna find out if a bug I just found has been already reported. So, IMHO, the Bug Tracker needs the following tools: - ''My Tracked Issues'' section We had this on the old tracker, remember? We had a list of all our bugs on the first page, and this was really useful. This feature seriously needs to come back, else keeping track of your reports is very hard, if not downright impossible. - Search Function Before I post an issue on the tracker, I always like to check if someone didn't already found it before. This is really useful as sometimes there are even solutions already for the issue that you're having (like the dreaded ''Crowbars for Windows Bug'', which wasn't really a bug but a misunderstanding of the game's functions). Not only this saves you a lot of time, but also saves the Devs a lot of time because they don't have to skim through dozens of reports of the same 3 bugs before they find a new one. That'd be all for now. I think that's all the tracker needs (so far).
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