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Found 1 result

  1. So, I was curious about this and I guess I should start by giving you my own personal experiences. The first time I ever heard about PZ was from Google I believe about I don't know, back in the days of the old graphics, story mode and baldspot back when NPC's were crazy gun toting lunatics in stores waiting for you to step in. I did some research and knew right away *this* was the zombie survival game I had been waiting for. However, what I didn't anticipate was the amount of time that would consume me anxiously anticipating and waiting for NPC's to be released. At that time I didn't realize the passion and heart going into this game and would have never perceived this type of excitement. Now, I admit my opinion on multiplayer was less that flattered at best. However, now that I've had time to grow accustomed to roleplaying servers and the varying degrees of character building that this game allows you to obtain I'm starting to *love* Project Zomboid even more. Also, I hope one day there will be a pure survival version with mods without zombies (as that was originally what I was looking for.) More of a society builder which to be fair PZ kind of is. That leads me to my next point and this one is important. How do *you* view PZ? Is it *just* an amazing zombie game? Because if that's your aspiration then you're seriously missing out. I see *so* much more. I don't even care about the zombies. I care about the humans, how people react in catastrophes. Zombies are just a background and I'll likely lessen them when NPC's come out to get the full entertainment out of the story telling elements. It's a society builder, where NPC's struggle from ashes to grow small settlements and keep them safe using teamwork, dedication and determination. I'm expecting (although, not entitled to.) see NPC's treat me as I'm just another person. To communicate directly and indirectly. To scare and ignore me to varying degrees depending on the situation. Now, all of this leads me to my other point which is this. I expect to be bombarded with moral decisions that don't necessarily have morality in them. For example, when I'm running on a food run and see a group pinned down by a horde of zombies (or hostile faction) the ability to intervene and save those people should bare down on you conscious. But more importantly to make you feel like you *do* have a say in the matter. "Do I want to potentially die saving these poor people." Or "Do I want to play it safe and just pass by unnoticed and not tussle with these here outlaws." (Who talks like that?) At the end of the day I want a meaningful play through that's unique each and every single time I fire up PZ. Anyway, sorry that was longer than you probably expected. Tell me what your opinion is and how you found PZ and what your initial thoughts on it were. If you want tell us what you plan for in the future !
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