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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Devs! (if you're reading this lol) I'm pretty new to the PZ community so please bear with me. I understand you guys probably have a long list of things that still need to be implemented but hear me out. I was having a great discussion today with some members in the indie stone discord and we all agreed that the pool of firearms in the game should be expanded upon further with more realistic representations. My suggestion for a firearm that was extremely common during the early 90s is the glock 19. Obviously it would be smart to call it something else in game (g19 possibly). Many civilians and police departments were using this pistol due to its light weight, small size, and its high magazine capacity. I think it would be a fantastic addition to the game and a great find off of a dead zombie police officer or maybe in a nightstand. Not to mention it would help diversify the firearm pool. As I understand the only 9mm pistol on the game right now is the m9 which would be more common in military areas. If anyone else has any suggestions for more firearms please post them!! After all, Variety is the spice of life.
  2. This probably would take a lot of reworking for the firearms but as of right now they're near useless anyway. The current system relies on chance and accuracy with no feedback other than click (miss) click (miss) click (awe yeah you got a hit) Reworking firearms to show more feedback to the aiming factor with a visible cone that narrows as you sit still with accuracy factoring how quickly it narrows and how narrow it's final AoE can affect. Panic could cause it to fluctuate depending on the level of panic while tiredness could cause it to narrow slower and not as well. It would act as more of a gameplay helper with making firearms a useful tool in the game where as of right now pure chance until 5+ skill leaves them as ignored and left behind.
  3. So, I was scouring the common ideas that are either N,V, or M and I couldn't see this on there, nor the first 5 pages on the suggestions. So I thought I'd post it here. What about pistol magazines as loot drops? I love to play the game with the reloading on hardcore. But I find it kind of annoying that the only way I can get more pistol magazines are by ejecting other pistol magazines. I know it's not a very big thing because it's limited to pistols, and only on normal/hardcore only but eh. I can see why it'd be kinda hard too as if they were available on "easy" reloading difficulty then that might cause some confusion. But for now, ideas?
  4. hi Is there anyway to add an extended magazine attachment? I have already tried "ClipSizeModifier" and i have had 0 success so far.. Can anyone help me out? cya
  5. So playing around and surviving for a little bit (2 months to be exact) got me to think a little bit about the area I was surviving in, that being West Point and after looting pretty much the whole city dry and seeing everything there is, I just thought of something that could be added, would fit in with the lore and make a survivor's life a bit easier, though it was a bit too obvious so I thought it must have been suggested before, but after skim-reading around a little bit I havent really tripped over it, but if its around I apologize for repeating it Hunting crossbows Yep, not very original I imagine, but hey I dont know why such weapon isnt really available already, the idea would be pretty simple, mid-range, silent firearm that would allow you to take care of those pesky deaders that are so inconviently in your way to loot and oddly close to a horde that you could just sneak past, if it werent for that one annoying strangler. As far as lore goes, West Point has a gun store specialized in hunting gear and in my personal experience these tend to have not just guns, but also hunting bows and crossbows if you are into that, so the loot spot would probably be only it or the shooting range a bit to the east or one of the few hunting cabins in the woods around if you wanted to make them really hard to get. Ammo-wise it would be pretty simple to craft together a stick and a sharpened rock (it would give use to those things aside some very basic tasks that you can use actual tools for anyway). And for the sake of balance it would be either a single shot weapon or you would have to rack each bolt after shooting with a relatively small capacity, lets say 4-6 bolts max. So efficient enough to take one or two guys out and be on your way, but nothing to be killing thousands with and it being silent it might just be your best friend once you find it. You could even be able to make a hunting bow after all, that would take just a few flexible branches and a bit of twine that could work the same way, but be just the poor man's choice instead.
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