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Found 1 result

  1. So as far as I can remember, Panic has remained unchanged. For those of you who are new or haven't played for a while, Panic is the "shocked" moodle which can narrow your cone of vision and reduce weapon accuracy. As far as game mechanics goes, it's decent though relatively unrealistic. I propose a future rework of the panic mechanic where stress levels take a front seat to driving many combat and other related mechanics. Higher levels of stress lead to both beneficial and adverse effects. Stress is caused by things like combat, tense situations with survivors, and general illness or lack of basic needs like sleep and nourishment. Things like drugs and food reduce stress as well as getting out into the sun. Hyper/Hypothermia can negatively impact stress. Low levels of stress promote a relaxed state of mind. This means you read faster and gain increased benefits from these activities (increased reading speed, slight xp multiplier). While relaxed you sleep better, eat consistent portions and are generally a less moody survivor which makes it easier to deal with other people. Health is consistent and you perform complex tasks with ease. Medium levels of stress can cause blurred vision, increased heart rate and breathing, and an increase in strength (making it easier to carry a heavy load if mildly overburdened and fight off one or two zombies). You are likely engaged in sustained combat with a zed. The longer you spend in combat, or running from things, the quicker your stress increases. If you try to sleep while in this zone of stress, you will suffer from mild insomnia which decreases your sleep and interrupts your circadian rhythm. Medium levels of stress can trigger the adrenaline moodle near the high zone which grants you bonuses to combat while exhausting you more quickly. Bleeding is lessened, and broken bones impede you less until it wears off. Better give yourself some first aid. Minor tremors prevent fluid lock picking and increases the chance of failing to open a window. Go out for a smoke, it'll calm you down. High levels of stress decrease cone of vision and shoots more adrenaline into your body. You're fleeing for your life by now, increasing your endurance and speed of climbing over fences and ascending/descending rope. Don't look back. Minor injuries to medium injuries (like scratches and bites) will not be noticed until you calm down some. You will not stay in high stress normally unless you are still in combat or have taken the brooding trait. You are quick to anger in this level. Massive tremors prevent timely lockpicking. By the time you have that door open, you're either being eaten, or back into the medium levels of stress. Spend your time running. Time to pop open that wine bud. Fatal levels of stress can cause heart palpitations and overweight players will likely suffer a heart attack. Your body is shutting down and needs rest, you are blacking out. You are distinctly aware of injuries, stamina recovers slowly, you're basically one of them. Very real chance of death unless you find a safe place to rest. Can't bring the stress down with alcohol or smokes. Both will make your situation worse. This is what I came up with. I think the panic mechanic is outdated and needs an overhaul or total rework. I think even encountering one zed and getting panicked is silly.
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