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Found 2 results

  1. I feel that Zombie Migration system will be one of the most important elements in the game. The only problem is different players will have different opinions on what the best system is. I think sandbox mode should allow you to change your Migration settings to what you see fit. Easy mode would be for players who want zombies to stay relatively still, medium for people who want hordes to wander realistically, and hard for people who want to feel under constant threat from the zombie menace and always have to stay on the move. Easy Migration Hordes stay in there general vacinity but will wonder slightly if they hear a loud noise. (Prett much the current state of the game Medium Migration After a set amount of days, if a horde encounters no humans in there general vacinity (including npcs) they will start to migrate to an adjacent area in search of prey. Hordes prefer to migrate to areas they haven't been before. Hard Migration Zombies have an innate ability to sense humans from a mile away. Hordes will move (slowly) directly towards the player Game Progression I feel that game progression will be one of the factors that determine rather this game will become great and not just good. In it's current state there is no doubt that Project Zomboid will become at least a mild success but it has a way to go before people say things like "best zombie game ever" besides the rogue like oldie fans. First off progression should actually be progression instead of just random ill karma from the Sadistic AI director. Getting a flu because you stayed in your safehouse too long and the AI got mad at you is what i call bad design. There should be innate philoshpies and mechanics in the game that would make playing as such a bad tactic My belief is that the devs should change the philosophy they have toward the infection The Infection and Downfall of Humanity The infection should get progressively worse as time goes by. The devs seem pretty single-minded on the fact that they want the infection to work exactly like traditional romero zombies which is good at the beginning but pretty much is a bear trap waiting for them at the end. Essentially the game gets easier the further you get instead of harder and you pretty much never want progression to work like that. My suggestion for infection is that - It starts of exactly how it is - It starts affecting wildlife - It starts mutating zombies (faster, stronger, better senses, time of day affinity, ect) - it starts killing of plant life Essentially the infection will create different stages of the game just like how there is a "electrical" and "post-electrical" phase of the game. The above would force the player to continually adapt their strategies as the infection gets continuously worse. This would also be alot better for the lore, I mean lets be serious for a second: there is no way a traditional zombie apocalypse could ever bring the world to it's knee's, let alone even a single country. In the game's current state, even with the future addition of NPC's and Zombie Migration stagnation will happen rather quickly due to the unchanging world. Essentially after you build a safehouse and farm, your job would just become to fight of migrating hordes without ever having to adapt to anything else. For there to be actual progression I think a timeline would be good - Downfall of civilization starts - People start to band together in small groups - Power shuts off - Infection starts to mutate - Large groups such as Raiders, Bandits, and Panic Shelters start to form - Hostile Military action (bombings, kidnappings for experimentation, ect) - Plant-life starts to die By making the world continually evolve as time goes by, it adds longevity to it. Of course such an endeavor will take time. Which is why i wouldn't expect this to be implemented anytime soon but I think that the devs should start looking in this direction after they finish up with their current agenda (npcs, multiplayer, ect)
  2. First things first; Project Zomboid is an addictive drug that has begun to consume all facets of my life! But seriously, my buddy cannot go 30 minutes without talking about new base building ideas, farming techniques, or just general craftiness. Props Indie Stone - Keep delivering and you've got a real indie hit. Anyways, like I said, my buddy (Slanga) is completely consumed by PZ. He has a a pretty sprawling base built in the free zone between a 4-square of houses. Here's a pic. At this point, he's leveled his farming to 5 and Carpentry is almost there. Here's some things we've discovered...( I mostly watch him play) -Skills books: Enable extra fast leveling of skills 1. Must be read in order and only corresponding to each level from: ex. Read Beginner at Carpentry 0, Intermediate at 1 -Beginner x?, Intermediate x4, Advanced x8, Expert x12, Mastery x16 (number = exp. multiplier) 2. As you level skills past 3/4 with books you will begin to accumulate MANY extra skill points (20+), as the experience multiplier counts towards your level. (Slanga currently has 35, presuming this is a bug) 3. Stash your skills books in your safe house. They never get used up, and can be used by subsequent survivors with new reset skills. - Farming: Only long term sustainable food source 1. Potatoes, potatoes, and moar potatoes. And Cabbage. Potatoes last forever, and will fill you up. Cabbage grows more quickly than any other crop we found. As far as all the decadent Kapua Suite fruit (strawberries, oranges, etc...), stay away. This is the Latvian Zomboid apocolypse. You live on potatoes and you'll die happy because of it. 2. Spread your crops out. Slanga prefers rows to clumps, as clumps can spread plant disease quickly. Also, try to start several self contained farming areas with in your base, each with it's own water barrel and watering can. 3. Higher levels of Farming skill allow you to check on your crops statuses more easily, but you should still check plants water level EVERY day. If you are planning on multi-day excursion, make sure all plants are watered up before. 4. The GigaMart in Westpoint is bugged for Slanga. Power has been off weeks, but 2 random fridges keep perishables indefinitely fresh. It's the GigaFridgeofLife -Carpentry - Do NOT level without skill book, as will typically waste precious nails. 1. Find a Hammer, Axe, Saw, and Nails. Lots of Nails. Always pick up Box o' Nails. Box o' Nails is number 1 best item game. 2. Start by cutting down every tree in the vicinity. Bug allows you to pick up as many logs as you want, if you right click on them. Slanga's hauled 48 back at once. Sawed up to damn near 130+ planks. Sawing logs levels Carpentry, and is the best way to avoid building too many shit walls. Plan on doing some sawing for each level. 3. If you look closely above, you can see the progression of Slanga's walls as he leveled his Carpentry around his base. 4. Stairs seem currently bugged. Slanga and I have tried building stairs in both of our games, and both times lead to a crash shortly after construction. Advise exiting game to save, before attempting any level 2 construction. 2nd floors, in general, seem a bit buggy and cause crashes. 5. Plaster is hard to come by, and heavy as a donkey. Don't plan on doing any extensive dry walling. Game time: 2 months, 10 days Power and water are both off, but it is also a Sandbox game with out infection (No danger of zombification). We more wanted to see how the later stages of the game functions. I've heard stories of zombies gathering up in hordes at 6 months+, and besieging forts. Is there any validity to that? Would love to hear other's experience with the late/end game! Been difficult to find any streamers with an established survivor.
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