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Found 3 results

  1. Self explanatory I guess, if there were mobile phones we could use some functions such as the alarm and ringtones for distractions, the latter being the inferior due to the fact we could set the alarm for a specific time to go off, the ringtones would draw them close before you throw it so it really would be pointless for them. Also, some alarm tones (if it wasn't just the standard alarm clock sound) are louder than others so maybe you could choose volume of the alarm and draw a rough amount of zombies you want, say... 30, to any area, and not 100. Phones should really be a starting item, you can have a diary and to-do list, also there's earbuds so you could listen to music too? I searched and found some suggestions but that was then discussing the time period, well most phones (from the time period I read the game is roughly set in) had alarms and those annoying random songs no one likes to listen to.
  2. After playing Project Zomboid for quite a while, I realized that I was very much peeved by having to be the one to run around screaming to get ZedHeads away from my humble abode. I decided that a system of timed distractions (Much like the ones found in the fantastic State of Decay) would be entirely welcome. I would be able to, perhaps, place a distraction in that house down the street, and run off to loot the supermarket while the Zeds were paying attention to all the noise. (If anyone is still wondering, by Timed Distraction I mean some sort of noisemaker with a fuse. Maybe a teddy bear with an alarm clock attached? >.<) Some obvious cons to this genius idea are the evident possibilities regarding usage in a multiplayer setting. The distractions may be used for grinding, or (Gasp!) as a form of griefing other players. I hope to brainstorm answers to these dilemmas with the assistance of my fellow Survivors. (If I reeeally felt some people wanted something like this, I would be willing to go ahead and try and mod it in. While it wouldn't be outside my abilities as a coder, I have not yet been able to successfully modify Project Zomboid. If anyone has any Up-To-Date tutorials on the Lua API for Zomboid, please link them )
  3. I had an idea since when looting areas i was getting of tired of killing all the zombies around the area i was looting. So i thought it would be awesome if we could throw glass bottles and other objects to create distractions. Perhaps even throwing other objects at windows to break them, such as bricks or other objects that are capable enough to break a window. Also to go with it we should be able to throw weapons at zombies, perhaps even craft some sort of throwing spear/sharp stick to throw at zombies. And to go with the ability to throw weapons at zombies a throwing skill could be added determining the accuracy at which you throw the object/item. This could help taking out zombies silently without having to get up close, though it should require lots of practice to master. (Also the amount of strength you have could determine how far u throw maybe???) And to finish this thread off I believe some distraction items should be added such as alarm clocks, or cellphones which you can place down and make its alarm go off so you can safely loot or do whatever while the zombies are distracted Alright well thats it what do you guys think?
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