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Found 1 result

  1. I have been playing a bit on MP and SB, and have noticed a few things about first aid and I have thought of a few improvements that would benefit game play in SP and MP, especially after animals and NPC's are added. Though these will still have immediate benefits. First: Wider array of injuries and diseases. Animal bites, ragged wounds, piercing injuries, Deep wounds, and more diseases. Some of these are planned, but I'm mentioning them for this idea. Ragged wounds would have a higher chance of infection and take longer to heal. Second: Diagnosis and (Importantly) Misdiagnosis The higher your first aid skill, the easier it is to diagnose injuries and illness. As well diagnosing through bandages (Auto success on self) on others with higher level. Now onto the part which will add SO much fun and depth to the importance of the first aid skill: Misdiagnosis: Is it a dog bite, or a zombie bite? Were they stabbed with a screwdriver, or shot? That wound is really ragged, I'm not sure if it came from a window or a dog, or could it be a zombie bite? Right now, any player can 'check for wounds' and in a few seconds immediately know everything that has happened to a person. I'm no doctor, but I think a person with little to no experience with medicine (Especially extreme and bloody wounds seen in the apocalypse that are not often seen pre-apoc) is going to have a hard time discerning one wound from another, especially a very rough and ragged one. Remember, even trained Doctors can make a misdiagnosis, and they have training and access to the internet for references. It takes years of experience to get good at it, and even then mistakes are made. You might think an animal bite and z bite would look different, you can look up human bites and see the teeth. However the difference is typically a human bite is to cause pain and they won't try to rip flesh off, a zombie will bite and rip and tear into the flesh much like an animal trying to eat. An amateur diagnos-ee could be easily confused and/or make a mistake. And diagnosing a sickness? Without a medical history, a reference system, or blood work? The person has all the symptoms of a flu, but the infection is the same in early stages. And the fun part: Imagine in MP or SP a person or NPC is wearing a ski-mask or something to hide his/her ID while they rob safehouses, a victim shoots them and they flee. You got stabbed by a screw driver or a spike or maybe even tripped over a branch in the woods, and have a peircing wound (A small, round hole.) The players hold you at gunpoint and diagnose you, the PC in question has a low First Aid Skill and misdiagnosis the wound as a gunshot. You find an NPC/PC with the electrician job who can run generators, but they have a rough wound (Which is just a mess, harder to diagnose and heal) you try to diagnose and your PC thinks it's a bite. What do you do? Waste Medicine on someone who could just die anyways, or use medicine on someone who could be a huge help later? What if you are wrong? And as well higher levels make it easier to diagnose a bandaged wound. Being covered would make it harder to diagnose. And finally, very important: The ability to diagnose yourself. There have been a number of times I take off a bandage thinking I'm healed (Status: OK, no pain, bandage is still clean) only to find out I'm still bleeding and rushing to grab a new clean bandage. So what does everyone think about this? Leave a message if you like it, I hope somebody on staff see's and likes! Edit: Maybe when you remove something from a wound, you keep the bloody -thing- as proof? Also from Asparagus, diagnosing the dead to figure out how someone died. Murder or accident? Be especially neat if an NPC diagnosed a dead friend and mis-diagnosed them.
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