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Found 1 result

  1. This mod aims to allow the player to move using the left mouse button. By enabling this mod you will move to a location in the same manner as the right click contextual option but by simply left clicking on the desired location. This does not remove WASD controls. To Do: 1) Bugs, bugs, bugs. 2) Add an options menu to toggle it on and off. 3) Make the meatbag "Run To" while while "Shift" is being held. 4) Make combat work more naturally with this system. 5) Make sneaking work with this system. 6) Bugs, bugs, bugs. Latest Update: <>The meatbag no longer ignores containers or cancels movement when a container is clicked on. Instead the meatbag will try and navigate to a spot beside the container. <>Other minor bugfixes. <>Code refactoring. Known Issues: (This list will change) #1) A benign error occurs on starting/Loading a game after you click to start the game. #2) Related to #1. The meatbag will try and navigate to "a" location appon clicking to start after starting/Loading a game. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions please let me know. If you do try it and decide to uninstall it Please let me know why. This information helps me make the mod better. Enjoy. v0.3 coming soon. Note: this mod currently uses it's own scripts and does not overwrite existing game files. This means it should survive updates for the foreseeable future and shouldn't have any clash of compatibility with other mods unless they overwrite certain files themselves. (No problems so far) I would warn players to try this on a meatbag you don't hold any love for as the move to system in PZ can be somewhat awkward at times if you aren't used to it. This might get you killed if you are used to WASD. You can currently find the mod through the steam workshop in the link below. steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600699360 Non steam DL Below Click To Move v0.2.zip
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