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Found 2 results

  1. I'm certain I suggested this before but it was years ago and on a separate forum I believe (the old one) so I figured it's time to bring it up again. I want this as an American having to read a 24 hour clock hurts my head .xD That was some what of a joke. Although, I do find it a bit challenging when I'm having to do it in panic situations and it takes me a minute to convert times. I hope in the future for clocks to be removed entirely and different methods implemented. But for now it would be nice if 12 hour clocks were optional for convenience purposes.
  2. I think they should remove the clock from the top corner because you do not have any watch or are you looking at one as what I propose is that can add watches that can be put on your wrist when equipped you can check the time or see a wall clock * If they add it * Also If you tell the time even when you stop looking at it The watches appear closets and sometimes a zombie when you use the wristwatch and may appear again the clock in the upper corner
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