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Found 3 results

  1. nolanri

    Chain Saw Mod - Project Zomboid When gassed up and running, The Chainsaw makes noise. Huge Cleve Power, Huge damage to Zombies, Trees and Doors. Swings very slowly. Can still be used as a weapon without gas / when not running but all damages are significantly nerved. And all Cleve is gone back to 1 target only. Still need to work on using model loader so installation does not require pasting things into PZ install directory. Chain Saw Model By: tommysticks
  2. Icewind


    Sorry, it’s already at the [y] list. Please delete the topic.
  3. Works in 25c, 26 - fixed refill incompatibility introduced in build 26 This is my first mod. I haven't got the mod loader figured out (shows up but doesn't load) so I've been ignoring it for a while and just symlinking my files into the PZ directory. This mod is to add a chainsaw to the game. The files are all on github at It's really rough so far: I have a chainsaw that looks like an axe, an idle sound when the chainsaw is equipped, a chainsaw "swing" sound, and some modified damage numbers. I'm currently in the process of adding fuel filling and fuel usage. I'm adding a "fill..." menu with a sub menu for each chainsaw and a sub-sub-menu for each gas can. Chainsaws and gas cans will have a fuel amount displayed (to tell them apart) and I'm using the "age" field as "use" is locked down. I'd like to have the chainsaw make noise while idling and then more noise when sawing. In one game I'd got set up at a farm and there were very few zombies around; having a chainsaw to chop trees would have given me a headstart on carpentry. I'd also like to be able to turn logs on the ground directly into planks so I don't need to pick them up. I think that's fairly realistic. Oh, and the sounds are TERRIBLE. You've been warned. (April 16, 2014 - changed from "Free for All" to "Credit Where It's Due")