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Found 1 result

  1. I know the idea of "special" zombies is verboten, but I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more variation among the glorious hordes we face. And I like touching third rails of forum topics so here goes. I offer for your consideration several additional zombie variants. These zombies are not "special" in that they conform to standard lore, but like the Crawler have some specific differences that add to the challenge. No tool using or exploding zombies, just regular old walking dead with some clever twists... Climber - A zombie like the Crawler but missing its entire lower torso. The lower mass allows the zombie to climb things like sheet ropes and rough surfaces like player built walls. Slow like a turtle but determined as fuck.Game-play issue addressed: Safety players feel from hiding up on a second story. "Jim, did you remember to pull up the sheet rope and barricade the window when you came in? You didn't? Ahhh! Kill me now!" Howler - A regular zombie that hasn't lost its full vocal functions yet and howls more loudly when prey is spotted, attracting additional zombies to an area. An upgrade from the current aggro sound that rarely pulls the entire horde along when a player is spotted. The loudest recorded human voice is around 117-119 decibels. A zombie who doesn't give two shits about blowing out its vocal cords should be able to match this volume at least once.Game-play issue addressed: Counters player tactic of approaching a horde just enough to peel off a couple of zombies at a time to dispatch (Rope-a-dope). These could be rare. But the psychological torture inflicted upon the player encountering a lone zombie would be delicious. "Not only do some houses have alarms, but now some zombies do to? Ahhh! Kill me now!" Floater - A regular zombie that spawns out of lakes and rivers.Game-play issue addressed: The safety players feel around bodies of water. Adds suspense to fishing. Island safety? I don't think so. Imagine a graphic that plays of the water rippling and a zombie slowly emerging from the water when a player gets close. "What do you mean it's not safe to fish at night anymore? They can come crawling up out of the water? Ahhh! Kill me now!" Hider - A regular zombie that lays down like a corpse in tall grass or under beds, but stands up when a player is detected close by.Game-play issue addressed: Lack of urine in player's shorts after gameplay and looting becomes routine. "They can hide under beds now! Ahhh! My pants!" Dragon - A dragon.Game-play issue addressed: Lack of dragons. "Ahhh! Huh?!?!" Thoughts? Disagree?
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