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Found 5 results

  1. Could someone make a mod for a folding aluminum camping chair? You could keep it with you and always have a place to sit by your fire, sleep, rest. I tried finding a portable chair mod on the mod site but didn't find one.
  2. Hi all! I made this account for an idea that i have been thinking about for a while now, and that is camping trailers. I love camping and i think it would be cool to add trailers into the game. If vehicles were implemented into the game, then it would be neat to see trailer towing. There could be a wide variety of trailers to choose from, a smaller trailer with few amenities than a big trailer with more. Something like this Or this Players could different colors on them with the supplies they have found. I'm not sure if it would be crafted or if it would be found in the game world. You could maybe get them from garages, dealerships, parking lots, driveways, anywhere! It would cool if the community or devs could make this happen Ginger
  3. Should be able to rest in tents and they should keep you dry, so maybe an extra option for tents labeled 'take shelter' when you basically crawl in to get out of rain?
  4. My idea so far, was perhaps a Canopy for those that take to the wild. As rain always puts fires out or soaks players to the point of sickness or even drowns crops, it is a very deadly thing and to be honest, I feel players have to be weary of rain more than Zombies, natural killers are the ones that'll get you before the Walkers will. So a Canopy would allow a player to make a walled in Safe zone deep in the woods and still be protected from the rain, so they can cook foods and regulate when to add or take down the canopy over say the crops or something and even stay dry. It would be a lot easier than hunting for a shack that is so far away from town that when you get lost you die of Hunger. *Had it happen*. :3 That is all I have to suggest right now, hopefully more later!
  5. Stoves and microwaves stopped working in my game the other day(I assume electricity stopped) so I was no longer able to cook food. I figured I'd just build a campfire to do it so wasn't too worried. Then it rained on my dinner. Similar to a tent kit, I think it would be good to add a canopy kit. Basically the same as a tent kit, but all it does is create a canopy over your camp to keep the rain off, letting you remain dry and keeping your campfire lit. Four sturdy sticks and maybe two sheets, nothing too large here. It would either need a new graphic, or maybe it could be represented by a smaller version of what I assume are the carport canopies near some houses.
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