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Found 4 results

  1. I cannot click on the add furniture button, it's the icon that looks like a chair. The instructions say to left click on it. No luck, for some reason I can't click it. Also while watching a tutorial I realized that under the tiles section, there is supposed to be furniture too. yet I do not have it. Why isn't this working? How can I fix it? SOLUTION: Alright guys, I'm sure this will work on at least 90% of people or even 100%, but whatever lets get to it. 1. Go to the tiles menu. 2. Go to a section that's related to furniture ex. Applications - Refrigeration 3. Find a plus button, it adds tiles. 4. Check to see if the furniture tab is now darker. 5. Congrats.
  2. I've been having trouble with a few items in the building editor and i don't know how to rotate them. help?
  3. Hello survivors. I've been following excellent mapping guide by Thuztor. Thanks to him I've played in my own (mini) map, yesterday. But I have a problem in the building editor, it's easier to show than explain: http://imgur.com/SRJSmJ3 ​Ignore the weird stuff in the house, I was just testing heheh. How can I remove the thing I marked in red?
  4. Pics pretty much explain it. Feel free to use if you'd like. Just re-posting as per request to clean up. Levels: Download link: (.tmx)
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