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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm having a really frustrating bug where I can play Build 23 fine but Builds 25 & 26 when I start up a world, I can't see my character, just the shadow! Please Help me. http://imgur.com/adhfdWp
  2. Heya fellow survivors. In this thread I will write a tutorial series describing everything I know about moding for Build25+ so far. Please note that some of the information I supply is what I think and might not be 100% correct. I want to make this series as I want to get all the information in one place, and because I found it diffacoult to find all the information myself when I started. Part one: Folder Structure. This is the folder structure as of Build 25 through 26.mymod: mod.info file, poster.png and all the icons your mod items use goes here. (NOTE: All icons MUST start with "Item_" like so: Item_iconname.png. Note the capital I, it's important)mymod/media/lua/client: Lua files in here are executed client side.mymod/media/lua/server: Lua files in here are executed server side. (NOTE: You ARE starting a server when you start a new sp world, so world gen stuff goes here EVEN ON SINGLEPLAYER!)mymod/media/lua/shared: I don't know the exact purpose of this folder, but I have noticed that it loads before the client and server files are loaded.mymod/media/scripts: Item and recipe scripts goes in here, just plain .txt files. That's what I know about the new folder structure so far. If you have changes or want me to add stuff, feel free to post below and let me know. Part two: mod.info The mod.info file is the most important file of any mod as it is the way to get the modloader to know it's a mod.The mod.info file contains this information:name=Name you will see in the mod listposter=poster.png (This is the image shown in the mod list)id=yourmodid (This is the id which the modloader reads when it is looking for mods that may requre this mod)require=mod1id, mod2id, etc. (This tells the modloader that this mod requires mod1 and mod2 where mod1id is the id of mod1 and alike with mod2)description=A description of your mod, what does it do?url=When you make your pzmods page for your mod you can add the link here. You can then access this link from the mod within the mod loading screen. That's about it for the mod.info. It may seem simple, and it is pretty simple. But it is also the most important file of your mod, so don't forget about it. Part three: Simple Recipe Mod. Next up, I will teach you how to make your own recipes in your mod.It very simple, at least the way I do it. For this tutorial we will be adding two recipes.1. Dry towel2. Dry bathtowel All you have to do here is the following:1. Find the "mymod/media/scripts" directory.2. Find/make a new file called "yourmod_recipes.txt", or a better name if you are creative, and open it in your favorite text editor.3. Now for the "coding" part (Well, as the folder suggests, it's more scripting than actual coding here ) Start by adding the module (this is basicly the id of the recipes, if you ever need to include them. In another mod maybe.)module yourmod_recipes (or a better name){ <-- Remember these, those are most important! "Recipes goes here"}Now, import the items we will be working with, as we are using items from the base game, we will include the module "base". If you use moded items, you need to requre the mods items module here.module yourmod_recipes{ imports { <-- Again. remember these! Base } "recipes goes here"}Now we are adding the actual recipes. Don't worry, it'll be over very soon.module yourmod_recipes{ imports { Base } recipe Dry Towel <-- Recipe name, this will apear in the inventory when we rightclick a wet towel. { <-- And once again. remember these for each recipe DishClothWet, <-- Requires a wet towel, you can check the "Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts" for item files in which the items are listed. Result:DishCloth = 1, <-- As you might have guessed, this is what the recipe will give you once it is done. Time:120.0, <-- And here is the time of the recipe (How long it will take in in-game seconds) } recipe Dry Bath Towel <-- Here I have added the same recipe, but for bath towels. { BathTowelWet, Result:BathTowel = 1, Time:120.0, }}NOTE: REMEMBER the "," after each line! And that's it for the recipes! Yes, you are done. Part four soon to follow! So stay tuned for that. We'll take items next! ---- Update: It's been a while, sorry about that. Honestly.. School have taken a lot of my time this year because I'll be graduating this summer, so I really wanted to give it everything I got. Anyway, enough of the boring blabbering.. I'll continue this guide in January and then see how much I can work on it from then. I'll also see if there has been any large changes in my other examples as I go. TL;DR: School, busy, continuing in January. ---- -Sejemus
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