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Found 2 results

  1. [Build 23 Compatible] The Cure

    #=======================================# The Cure Mod By Bassair, with help from Keri For Project Zomboid Build 21 #=======================================# (If I'm missing for more than six months, feel free to recreate, edit and post at will, but please credit me!) #Mod information: This installs a cure into the game. I'm not going to give many details, but it adds a variety of drugs (both legal, invented and illegal), and a hypodermic needle. When you combine three of the drugs, some of the in-game drugs and five sachets of cocaine, you get a zombie cure vial. It's up to you to work out which drugs you combine to make the cure and how to take it. And remember... drugs have side-effects, especially a zombification cure. The idea of the mod, for me, was to make a cure that wasn't too over-powered or easy - you only get a few shots, you have to figure out how to use it and you have to assemble all the pieces - while still providing a way to keep playing when you have that perfect safehouse. The optional cheatcode was just... well, a cheat code. #Installation: Install like any other mod. #Notes: When you right-click the cure, it sometimes doesn't give you the option to 'Inject'. When this happens, drop down the menu (like you would a stack) and right click the individual cure. It should then let you inject. There should be enough in each world for 1-2 doses of the cure. Once you run out, that's it. There is a cheat file available here, which is a .lua file you put into the media\lua folder inside my mod. You can hit Z and get an instant zombie cure. #Planned updates: Updating it for Build 23 when it comes out if necessary.Upping the distribution when multiplayer becomes available, maybe.Adding readable files to the game so the cure has a story behind it and you can learn how to make the cure from those.Making the cocaine usable. Maybe.#Download Link The mod can be found here. Comments on how well the mod does or doesn't work and suggestions are welcome.
  2. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Mod

    Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Introduction Hello! First of all i want to ask sorry for my English. This text possibly contains many mistakes. If you found some - please, write me in PM. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ it's a global mod about hardcore. The main goal of this modification - provide as many abilities as possible and make them easy to configure. I release it much earlier as i planned to, because i wanna get feedback - is that actually interesting for someone? And.. sorry.. No dragons yet How it works? This mod have both Java and Lua parts. Original PZ code don't damaged and constains only one line of my code. So, why i need Java? Right now - for nothing. But in future i have some crazy ideas that cannot be realized without Java. Features (aka "Modules") Not much yet: as i say before it's only "testing" release i just want to know - is that interesting for players? So, now mod constains only 1 feature: --> Combat 1. "Weapons Fall Out" When you fight with Blunt weapon it can fall out from the your hands. If you have high Panic or Pain levels chanсes to lose your weapon increase. Passive chance and maximum chance can be edited in configuration. Settings Any "module" or "feature" can be fully custumize thought PZHP configuration file which located in C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/hardcoreplus/cfg/settings.ini Default config file can be found here: Instalation Copy anything from "to ProjectZomboid" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\ (or where your steam is live?) Copy anything from "to Mods" folder to C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/ How to delete mod You can just disable mod through "Mods" menu, but if you want fully disable Java part: Variant #1: delete located in C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/ Variant #2: download original PZ Java classes -> and copy to C :\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\ Download Screenshots: