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Found 124 results

  1. When i play and i have set the infection Mortality to "None", it still kills me, i have tried without mods and stuff, but the zombie virus still kills me. I just want to have fun and enjoy, thats why i play without infection mortality,
  2. Batteries do not charge while the engine is running when I playing in 1 day = 12 hours Fix is needed as soon as possible, because using machines is now not really work I do not use mods in contact with cars In the first screenshot, the state is 90%, and in the second it’s already less, I drove for about a minute. Initially, when I found the car, the battery was 95% charged. build 41.37 upd. For the test, I left the car wound up for an hour of playing time, and when I returned the battery was charged up to 94%, but if I drive a wound machine, the battery does not charge. upd. 2 I reinstalled the game and the problem did not disappear, but I 100% understood how it works. When the car starts up, it spends ~ 2% of the charge, but the battery starts charging after some time (~ 5-15 game minutes). It turns out that short trips by car plant a battery, this is very strange, there wasn’t such a thing before. And in real life, the car generator starts to work when the engine starts, and not after 5-15 minutes.
  3. Hi, i've tried this in two world to see if it's something wrong with my save file, and i was able to recreate it. Building 4 rain collectors on an straight line, each one of those placed right next to each other and then opening a wood crate will make the game freeze. it's kinda weird, but it happens every time. Hope u guys can take a look at this to see if there's some sort of problem related to it, building the rain collectors on other positions or doing another action between the creation of each one, will not trigger the issue. Edit: The issue happens as well with the rain barrels, and it seems that over 4 the problem happens, if you build them and then you try to do anything like pick up something or drop something, the game freezes and crash. After loading the save again, the resources that u spend crafting the rain collectors/barrel, disappear. Also it's not possible to disassemble a rain collector with water, it says "impossible to retrieve any usable materials" and the rain collector stays there. Have a great day y'all.
  4. Sopa


    the dresses don't let you rip in cloth. - Backpack problemb solved.
  5. For my mod I pack all the textures in one .pack file. When I first enter the game, all images for objects defined in the script files are not loaded. If I restart game, everything starts to work. P.s. All tilesheets are loaded immediately. Error detected in versions 40.43 and 41.36. https://youtu.be/2z_kvLzwtW8
  6. I have bug with textures on Macbook Pro (mid 2012, i7 3615qm, gt650m)
  7. I play "last public" version and the option Zombie Distribution "Uniform" dosen't works! Zombies spawns only in the urban zones. It's too casual for creating the base in farms! How can i fix it? Maybe somone mod exsists? For example location around 9067x12191 coordinates is full empty with "uniform" option! In "IWBUMS" version this bug is fixed, but multiplayer dosen't works) Thanks!
  8. Hello everybody, I started a game in Muldraugh a couple days ago. This afternoon I wanted to play, but after a while the game bugged I had to restart the computer. Now when I go back to the game it's saying that my files are corrupted and that the world version is 0, and I can't play. Is there a way that I can get my regular file back ? Because I spent a lot of time in this game, I would be pissed if I lost it for nothing ^^' I'm playing the regular build (not the beta IWBUMS) If you need any more details, just ask me. Thank you.
  9. i have a low end laptop , i lowerd graphics for the game not to crash on start ( this is how you died loading )
  10. Additionally the swipe's range seems random Testing with a fresh character resulted in 32/40 swipes causing knockdown so about 80% knockdown rate This range is inconsistent, 5 knockdowns happened within 3 feet from the zombie's swipe animation (zombie does not actually touch the player) 2 knockdowns happened 6 feet away from the zombie (zombie should be incapable of touching the player at this range) 1 happened 7-8 feet away 8 swipes while standing on the same tile as the zombie resulted in no knockdown (zombie still played the animation) The rest of the test swipes were at a reasonable range (what i think is supposed to happen) I died on a 54 hour long playthrough because of this resulting in me coming here to bring this to attention https://imgur.com/a/R9MTfv0
  11. I've set my sandbox settings to active at night and zombies to sprinters, so during day time they move slowly and are not dangerous, but during night time they can sprint, making them dangerous. My first run went well, but my next few runs were broken. I start at 9am, zombies are walking, a few mintues later, I run on a 30 mintue day cycle, they start running during day and night! I have a few mods, but these do not interfere with the ai of the zombie, meaning it may be a bug with the game. There have been many cases in the past for such bug. I really enjoyed the nocturnal sprinter zeds, but now I can no longer play that certain mode due to this "Active during inactive times". Im currently on IWBUMS 41.31 with several IWBUMS 41 mods that don't interfere or alter the ai of the zombies.
  12. PZ version: 41.30+ Problem: When attempting to build a wall frame over water or higher than ground floor, it is impossible to place wall frames on southern and eastern edges of the flooring. In the included image the eastern wall frame ghost is red. It looks like the south and east walls got shifted to the next square over, and there's no solid ground, that may be why it doesn't work ?
  13. Alcohol makes you veteran. I select drink 1/4 and at start immediately press escape, so I only drink a little sip, but effect of beta-blockers and pain killers still affects me (it doesn't matter if you drink whole bottle or any other amount, effect persists for the same duration), also if your character is claustrophobic (agoraphobic probably too) you can lower your panic by speeding time to 4x so if you want to sleep just speed time up and when you're calm go to sleep.
  14. Whenever I play after a while the game will randomly crash and the world will reset, along with any safehouse I have built.
  15. Hi, i get this strange lines on fog (see attached screenshot) and only on fog. I currently i play 41.28 (steam) on Ubuntu 18.04 with a RX 550 (AMDGPU) Everything else runs perfectly. Even a little bit smoother than under win7 (no stutter).
  16. Hi, i encountered this bug, when i wanted to add another mod to my already running game. When you click on the "choose mods" button when loading the game, you get an empty screen (only the background picure of the game still exists). Now, this bug doesnt happen, if you clicked atleast once on the "Mods" button in the main menu before attempting to do this (once per game start is enough). As i found out, the reason for this is, that the game tries to display a box with text, using a function that does not exist. In the file "ISModsNagPanel.lua" in the location Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\client\OptionScreens in line 32: self.richText:setText(getText("UI_ModsNagPanel_Text")) The function "setText" doesnt exist. Replacing it with: self.richText.text=(getText("UI_ModsNagPanel_Text")) fixes the problem.
  17. After the last update my character and zombie models are invisible. My specs: Processor. Processor. Intel Core i3 5th Gen Memory. RAM. 4GB Graphics. Graphics Processor. NVIDIA Geforce 930M Windows 10 Home 64x
  18. Just bought game, it start but can’t right click at all. Recognize hovering over button but no click it. Tried: reinstalling, checking game integrity, deleting options.ini, force full screen but it don’t want to be forced. Windowed no work . Changing resolution no work and also ive tried to reasign the left click to a diffrent button but that didnt work either . I’ve tried everything but no success... if it helps I play on a Mac with windows 10 home 64x running via boot camp and with precision drivers. I don’t have access to a mouse cuz Mac only have usb c cuz they stupid;( sry for the funky grammer ive writen this liike 3 times now and im couldnt be bothered with grammer anymore
  19. As the title says, when electrical devices (fridges, ovens, etc.) are not placed under a roof (floor), they do not consume electricity, but still work. With dozens of them the consumption stays at 11% per day, which is a base consumption. And my guess is that it wasn't intentional, 'cause it's cheesy.
  20. Was playing yesterday and my carry weight was 14, come to play today and all of the sudden its 8? nothing has changed and I'm on a practically new character. Any help, 8 carry weight is unplayable.
  21. I've noticed a few issues here and there that may have already been fixed in the next version but I wanted to report them to be sure. This is IWBUMS 41.24 with no mods. Exception thrown java.lang.NullPointerException at VehiclesDB.loadAndAddVehiclesInt line:1373.. I happen to see this once or twice an hour when hitting or running over zombies. [27-12-19 20:13:18.753] WARN : General, 1577495598753> GameSounds.getOrCreateSound> no GameSound called "PZ_MetalSnap", adding a new one. [27-12-19 20:13:18.941] LOG : General, 1577495598941> -------------------------------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.942] LOG : General, 1577495598942> attempted index: getDisplayName of non-table: null. [27-12-19 20:13:18.942] LOG : General, 1577495598942> . [27-12-19 20:13:18.942] LOG : General, 1577495598942> -----------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.942] LOG : General, 1577495598942> STACK TRACE. [27-12-19 20:13:18.943] LOG : General, 1577495598943> -----------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.943] LOG : General, 1577495598943> function: new -- file: ISUninstallVehiclePart.lua line # 53. [27-12-19 20:13:18.943] LOG : General, 1577495598943> function: onUninstallPart -- file: ISVehiclePartMenu.lua line # 172. [27-12-19 20:13:18.943] LOG : General, 1577495598943> function: onMouseUp -- file: ISContextMenu.lua line # 98. [27-12-19 20:13:18.944] ERROR: General, 1577495598944> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: getDisplayName of non-table: null at KahluaThread.tableget line:1651.. [27-12-19 20:13:18.945] ERROR: General, 1577495598945> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace:. [27-12-19 20:13:18.947] LOG : General, 1577495598947> . [27-12-19 20:13:18.947] LOG : General, 1577495598947> -----------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.947] LOG : General, 1577495598947> STACK TRACE. [27-12-19 20:13:18.947] LOG : General, 1577495598947> -----------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.948] LOG : General, 1577495598948> function: new -- file: ISUninstallVehiclePart.lua line # 53. [27-12-19 20:13:18.948] LOG : General, 1577495598948> function: onUninstallPart -- file: ISVehiclePartMenu.lua line # 172. [27-12-19 20:13:18.948] LOG : General, 1577495598948> function: onMouseUp -- file: ISContextMenu.lua line # 98. [27-12-19 20:13:19.831] LOG : General, 1577495599831> bugged action, cleared queue zombie.characters.CharacterTimedActions.LuaTimedActionNew@57d992cc false. This snippit happened while I was trying to remove a window from a Masterson Horizon. I guess the sound errored out but it played fine. Was still able to do my work with no issues after. System specs if needed https://pastebin.com/2fjw1TtB
  22. In zomboid without mods occasionally when my character dies and I press continue to start a new character in the previous world the game resumes from a previous character state where character 1 hasn't died or been injured yet, another thing that happens with this is the inventory of the character gets reverted to the original state which has led to me losing car keys, rare weapons, etc. Only the character reverts back to the position, health and all the other attributes while the things I did in the game world before my character died stay the same so for example if my character died from blood loss after fighting a horde of zombies but managed to kill the horde before dying the zombie horde will still be dead where i killed them once my character comes back to life, this has only happened to me perhaps 1 out of every 20 times I've pressed continue but it's enough to notice.
  23. Instakill after loading my game, it's the third time this bug has happened to me, the other two times I've only lost health. It seems that I die for fall damage.
  24. I think this changed in build 41.38 since I farmed with broccoli before and didn't instantly become encumbered when grabbing loose seeds from my cabinet
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