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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, I have had an idea how binoculars could work in game: When you press and hold the sneak/ready attack button and drag the mouse to the edge of the screen you get a slightly wider view of your surroundings. With binoculars equipped as a primary/secondary, this view is significantly increased, although you will only be able to see what your character can see, so if there is a house blocking your peripheral vision you obviously would not be able to see anything behind it. A way around this would to be able to get to higher vantage point, a second or third floor for example, enabling you to see over said house. An alternative to having binoculars equipped as primary/secondary, you have the option to "wear" them around your neck. To balance this out, wearing binoculars or having them equipped leaves them prone to damage. They could deteriorate completely over time or slowly get damaged, making the view distance shorter or blurrier. Rendering the Binoculars almost useless. Binoculars will come in a small variety, ranging from 100m-500m (or shorter/longer distances) and will be slightly rare and are not regarded as military equipment. What do you think guys?
  2. JoeM


    I think that being able to find and use binoculars in PZ would add more depth to gameplay. Players of the old side-scrolling shooter Soldat will probably remember the way the game handled sniper rifle scope zoom in two dimensions. The player could move his cursor to the edge of the screen, dragging his view away from his character so he could fire at targets that were out of sight for unscoped weapons. However this left your character vulnerable, as you could not see if he was being attacked at close range. My suggestion for PZ is to include binoculars as an item that would occupy the Primary slot while in use (akin to the spray paint can in the Spray Paint mod). You would be able to see objects beyond the limits of the typical game screen, provided that you had a clear line of sight. Of course all the usual obstructions would still apply - buildings, trees, rain, fatigue etc - but in clear weather and across open ground you would be able to "glass" an area and hopefully make a more informed decision as to what to do next. This could open up gameplay to "keyholes": viewing things far away through gaps in trees and buildings. It would also leave you vulnerable to zombies sneaking up on you while you were "zoomed in". Just like real binoculars, your field of vision would be quite narrow (my set gives me about a 6.5 degree angle) so you would need to scan from side to side to get a full view of what's down range. Everything outside of your FOV could be greyed or blacked out. Devs, I wouldn't have the first idea how much work is involved in this suggestion. But it seems like a reasonable thing for an apocalypse survivor to do, binoculars must be common enough in Kentucky and I don't think it would be overpowered in MP due to the narrow field of view and increased vulnerability.
  3. Hey guys, Not sure if this has been suggested before or in the way I propose, but here's my idea. So I'm thinking that a pretty simple new item could be a pair of binoculars, which basically double your view length whilst halving your field of view, allowing you to spot distant threats before they spot you (could come in particularly handy against other humans) or simply to scope out an area before moving in. While using the binoculars you'd be vulnerable to attack, so perhaps a scoped rifle, which would do the same thing to your vision while aiming, and allow you to shoot further. Just a simple idea which could be pretty useful -GodWaffle
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