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Found 1 result

  1. So while renting a VPS is still a completely legitimate thing that you can do and so is hosting on your local computer, a couple of people don't want to go through the technicalities of setting up a VPS, or don't want to have a server running off a poxy personal computer. That's cool, this is the thread for you. The aim is to gather feedback from users of these hosts and show some reviews, ranking of them in one consolidated thread. The info here is not necessary to know, however if you wish to post a hoster or something along those lines you will want to read it. Each hoster will have their own section where we will give links, link or quote to user reviews in this thread or even link the threads hosters make themselves or link to replies hosters make in this thread. We will add hosts to the list as long as someone can post a link to their page and the hosts support Project Zomboid. I must ask that you DO NOT POST REFERRAL LINKS I obviously can not verify these hosts so you must use them at your own risk. Should you encounter a problem with a hoster regarding legitimacy feel free to send me a PM and once I check the complaint they may be removed from the list if necessary. I am not someone to voice your customer service grievance with. If however a host receives a lot of negative attention, I will remove them from the list. I will also be skeptical with reviews. If the user who posts the review is brand new, I'll be less inclined in linking it in the main post. Enough talk, here is the list. Remember tell me of any others you might know of. Website Country: Sweden(?) (Servers hosted in a few locations in the US and EU.) Cost: Each slot costs €0,99. Website Country: France(?) (Servers hosted in Canada/France) Cost: 8 slots cost €7,99 Will add more when more come to my attention. Website Country: US (Servers hosted in US and Europe) English/German support staff. Cost: €.97/month per slot. Accepts GBP and USD Website Country: Servers in multiple locations (such as US and Netherlands) Cost: Depending on ammount of RAM, no slot restrictions. 20 USD/month for a server with 1.5 GB RAM. Website Country: Europe, Canada and USA Cost: $7.42 | £4.99 | €6.84 per GB RAM (ranging from 1.5 to 8.5 GB RAM) Thread Website Country: Germany (Servers hosted in multiple locations) Cost: Servers start at €4,00 come with so many different options, slots appear to go up to 200.
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