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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. This is going to a long post but if the devs pay attention it will make PZ a more enjoyable experience for everyone, so bear with me. I am probably not the only one that is annoyed by how zombies destroy all objects in their path, but this is not about that. This is about something else that annoys me because it isn't realistic. This is about horde movement. Have you noticed how when you clear an area it doesn't take long for zombies to overwhelm it again? How annoying it is to see small clumps of zombies neatly interspersed, almost equidistantly from each other, when just a day before there was nothing there? I think this is because of the algorithm that is currently used to populate areas that have a certain ideal zombie density. It saddens me to see that movement of zombie groups to areas with lower-than-ideal population is so directed and certain (or maybe they are even just spawning in low-pop cells?). That's not how groups of barely-thinking zombies would act. Right now it seems that zombie movement is either a limited random walk or completely directed movement into zones that are low on ideal population. But I have an idea that should make it slightly less frustrating to make an area more clear of zombies, and at the same time make supposedly safer areas become more dangerous. The Lévy flight. The Levy flight more closely resembles how animals and even brainless single-celled organisms like amoebae look for food. They randomly browse an area foraging for food (let's call it roaming) and if they don't find anything they travel in a random direction for a while (let's call it a flight) and then start browsing around again. The ideal behaviour would be something like this: When all zones are populated with the ideal population of zombies, each group (following the leader) would randomly roam around an area inside, for example, a 50 square radius (about the size of a West Point city center block). Each group would do this for a random amount of time (between 5-30 minutes of real time) and then engage in flight mode and go randomly in one of the 8 possible directions. The distance traveled would be a random number between 50 and 100 squares, for example. The group would then start browsing in that 50 square-radius circle again (including banging on random stuff once in a while). But at the same time we want zombies to roam around urban areas more and we want lower-than-ideal areas to be properly repopulated. And there is a very elegant way to make it happen based on the ideal population settings for individual cells by biasing their "flights" in between random movement. All we have to do is to change flight behaviour in groups of adjacent cells (not the whole map). When zombies are randomly choosing one of the 8 directions for a flight, the chance of going in the direction of a low-pop cell would be exactly the same (1/8), *but* when they did choose the right direction, instead of travelling for the base 50-100 squares, they would travel 100-200 squares (this would vary according to ideal cell pop) before roaming again. The lower-than ideal area gets repopulated and the movement still seems natural. Above all, the movements would still be mostly random and the area you cleared could take just one day to be packed again or maybe it would take a week. You would also see more lost zombie groups trampling your crops in your secluded forest farm. Of course, some stragglers would still be required. While it's easy to see that a previously cleared store may be dangerous to enter because of the horde nearby, if a zombie got into that store by itself, you would be caught off-guard. What do you think? TLDR: Zombies should fly.
  2. Is it just me or do the zombies seem to spread out as they advance at you when their is more that 1 or 2 if them, Not like they are Clipping on each other and the engine is forcing them to spread out. They seem to work like a pack of dogs and Spread out and try to encircle you or at the very least advance at you line abreast as to cut off your way of escape. This just seems odd as the Dev team says they want them to be "True Zombies" every zombie movie I have seen with theses "proper" Zombies they go directly for the prey. Even walking right over ledges, though fire, It never seems to matter what the danger is or how many of them there are always behave the same way. Its in fact what the humans rely on to get a upper hand on them. They are dumb they dont have anything going for them besides that they never tire and they seem to have endless numbers. The suggestion here being that Zombies should walk in a straight line at the PC not make any attempt to encircle you.
  3. So I just wanted to bring up a little thing that's niggling at me- I'd like to see a few different 'types' of attacks from zombies. We have different speed zombies and different looking zombies, now we just need a bit of new behavior. Without further ado, here's what I wanted to see: Grabbing (we have this now, should slow you but do no damage) Scratching (a swinging motion, light damage, can be blocked by heavy clothing) Biting (can only be done at very close range, heavy damage, blocked by hard clothing/armor) Tackling (a long distance lurching motion that knocks you and the zombie down, no damage dealt, can be resisted by strong characters) Grab and Bite (can only be done if the zombie is behind the character, holds him strongly and bites him) Along with this I'd like to see some zombies with different 'injuries' as has been discussed before: Missing an arm. Can only attack on one side (and slowly) and can't grab. Missing two arms. Can't scratch or grab, only bite. Tackles with a penalty. No legs. Can be hidden in low grass. Can bite, grab, and scratch but only at close range. When grabbing can drag itself along with the player? Crushed jaw. Can't bite.
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