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Found 17 results

  1. leon2356

    Sunstar Hotel. (Before, After,)

  2. (Ding-Ding) (???): Andrew! Paige! How you two been? (Paige): Hi uncle Cameron. (Cameron): I told you don't call me uncle! Makes me feel old... (Paige): (Giggle). (Andrew): Doing fair, how about you? (Cameron): Same considering... (Andrew): ... Paige. How about you take this list and see what you can get. Ok? (Paige): Ok... But there's not much in here... (Cameron): Sorry hun, but with all the police checkpoints, it's hard for the trucks to get in. Everyone around here is getting low, even the GIGA mart is starting to get sparse. (Andrew): Why don't you see what you can find. Ok? (Paige): Ok! (Andrew): ... You hear about everything going on down south? (Cameron): How can I not? All anyone talks about. (Andrew): All the attacks, riots, murders... Heard they found some guy ripped apart near the campgrounds to the south. (Cameron): Great now bears too? (Andrew): Nope... Heard he had bite marks on him. Human, bite marks... (Cameron): Good Lord... What is the world coming too? (Andrew): I don't know... But I'm not sticking around to find out. (Cameron): What you mean? (Andrew): You know that cabin to the west? One our dads used to take us too? (Cameron): The one by the lake? (Andrew): Yep. Going there in a few days with Paige and Haylen. Going to try to wait this whole thing out. How about you? (Cameron): don't know... I've lived here my whole life... Worked hard to get the store up and running, don't know if I've got the heart to leave her here alone... (Andrew): (Sigh) Come on Cam. Why don't you go stay with your grandson down in March Ridge, just for a few days until this all blows over? (Cameron): ... I'll think about it. (Paige): Here is everything I could find! It's not much... (Andrew): That's fine. We can stop on the way to Murdaugh and pick up the last few things. How bout you load this into the truck. I'll pay for it, and meet you out there ok? (Paige): K! (Ding-Ding) (Andrew): Ok. Here you go. (Cameron): Thanks and Andy? You and your family keep safe ok? (Andrew): You too... (Ding-Ding)
  3. -West Point Police Precinct Incident Report- This is Deputy "Ian Clark". At 6:38 PM, me and my partner "Garry Coal", Responded to a potential burglary in progress. At XXXX Linkin LN. At 6:19 PM the victim "Heather Stone" said she was alarmed by the sounds of pounding coming from the kitchen door. Upon investigating she claims to have seen a man in his mid-40s at the back door with blood on his face, growling and pounding on the door. At which point she then ran upstairs and informed her son "John Stone" of the man. At this time they locked themselves upstairs and called 911. When I and my partner arrived at the scene we proceeded to clear the ground floor and backyard and found no signs of the culprit. When investigating the back kitchen door we found scratches on the door and traces of blood. Upon confirming the safety of the Stone Family, I and my partner then proceeded to sweep the area in a 3 block radius but found no more evidence of the perpetrator. We took the statements of the Stone's then returned to our original patrol route. -Report Filed at 10:43 PM on 03/06/19XX-
  4. "Hello, Kentucky. This is Hayley Shaw, Coming to you on station 93.2 LBMW. I am at the scene of the newest of many police checkpoints popping up all across the Murdaugh area. The checkpoints are a response to the numerous cases of Assault and murder taking place all across the county. Many people and businesses are protesting the increase in police presence due to it slowing incoming traffic and trade across the county and bringing outgoing traffic to almost a dead stop, Angering many people that work up north in west point, where most of the major businesses are located. But also many are worried due to how quickly the checkpoints are appearing. This checkpoint you can see just to my right on Highway 60, was set up in as little as 20 minutes. Many officers here were called with little to no notice. Some, still in their civilian clothing. Some people think that the police are overestimating the amount of crime and thus are hurting the people they are supposed to protect. Some people welcome the increase in security saying that they will gladly take the extra 20 minutes to and from work if it means their families are safe. However, others fear that the police are being stretched too thin and that what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. In other news, a group of protesters numbering in the hundreds have been spotted south of Murdaugh heading north along highway 60, people fear this is a riot waiting to happen. But, whatever happens, LBMW will be there to report on it. This has been Hayley Shaw, and "Keep safe Kentucky."
  5. THE GAME Colour me, stupid! is a revolutionary never-before-seen original concept where the entrant (that means you) has to take the provided outline (there it is, down the bottom!) and colour (using any pixel location and RGB value setting art software you may have) it in making something that looks like (has the appearance of) something, vaguely. The key, you see, is not drawing something obvious - if the outline is a teddy bear, don't draw the inside of a teddy bear unless you do something where you literally see its insides (livers, kidneys, etc) but instead do a spaceship, or a man riding a donkey, or something. Here is an example... Is it a wizard in a wizard's hat? No! It's a penguin! You get the idea! You can rotate (in 90 degree steps) and flip the outline to your heart's content and make something out of the inside, outside, or both if you like - there are no hard and fast rules and no entry will be disqualified for any reason unless you draw something completely filthy! Pervert. The more creative the better, but don't panic if you can't draw very well because we don't judge on quality - it's about the idea! So the more amazingly you can turn one thing into another, regardless of whether what you produced only looks like a mountain gorilla if you squint a lot and use your imagination, the more chance you have of winning! HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? Just download the latest outline (at the bottom of this post), do something funky with it, and then post your entry in this thread along with any explanation you might want to add. HOW DO I WIN, THEN? The winner of the previous round provides the outline and chooses the winner of the next! Okay, so you don't get a speedboat or anything but it's the thought that counts, and I just thought about a really cool speedboat. Please keep outlines to 128x128 or smaller. CURRENT ROUND OUTLINE (Round Over) Download it! Flip it (optionally)! Colour it in, stupid!
  6. Hello, i hope this reaches one of the artists of Indie Stone Firstly, your game is by far the best specimen of survival genre i've seen, but i love your art the most I'm embarking on game development, and we are making an isometric game, as i am the only visual guy, i need some tips on how to make actors in a 2d isometric structure as beautiful and with variety like yours Tips that can make my life easier are mucho appreciado. I didn't start proper asset creation, but my current method in mind is making male and female naked actors, every movement in every direction, then creating cosmetics and outfits in every movement in every direction. I am intimidated by the sheer work, i would also appreciate software advice as well. I am using Aseprite right now, but open to suggestions Love you guys, best luck with the game
  7. MrFancyMonocle

    Ageing Clothing

    Big fan, saw the recent blog post about your new texturing: Since it gives you the ability to combine as many textures as you like, I thought: why not add, as time passes, ageing to all found clothing in the game, conveying the encroaching worldly demise, perhaps as a sepia-toned texture set with minor imperfections.
  8. Pwnlord

    More sprite granularity.

    Namely, I'd like to see what a given player or zombie is wearing/carrying. Not everything, mind, but if they're carrying a bag, a weapon, et al; it'd be nice to have an indication. There'd be limits to this, of course. Weapons/items in hand, but only weapons and containers-there's no need to add a 'held' sprite for literally every item. Guns would be tucked into a pocket or holster, and shotguns with strap would be displayed strapped across the body. Various backpacks could also be rendered on the back. This'd make engaging the zed a more tempting idea; you see one carrying a duffel bag shuffling brainlessly in the middle of a small pack and go..."What's he got in there?" Early-game when finding a container matters, it'd be reason to engage the zed at all-because they've got a Big Hiking Bag, dammit! A little extra work, but not too much, I think; the code should be there, needing only a little tweaking...but then I don't know what the item display code looks like.
  9. Themo

    Farming Mod Art

    Making some art for a project, thought i would share in case it is helpful for others. Hope this is right forum section. I give anybody permission to use them for any Project Zomboid mod. From top left to bottom right (after planter box and filled planter box)... Apple, Avocado, Banana, Bell Pepper, Blackberry, Blueberry, Broccoli, Cucumber, Cabbage, Carrot, Cherry, Chinese Cabbage, Corn, Cotton, Coffee, Eggplant, Garlic, Grape, Green Onion, Hemp, Jute, Lemon, Leek, Lettuce, Lime, Orange, Onion, Pear, Peach, Pumpkin, Peanut, Pea, Pineapple, Potato, Poppy, Radish, Rubber, Strawberry, Sunflower, Sweet Potato, Tea, Tomato, Watermelon, Zucchini Lotus, Papyrus, Watercress, Taro, Water Hawthorn, Eel Grass, Lepironia, Sweet Flag, Aloe, Bamboo, Barberry, Basil, Bean, Belladonna, Celery, Cashew, Chamomile, Clove, Date Palm, Elderberry, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Henna, Kava, Lavender, Mango, Maple, Mandrake, Mescal, Mint, Okra, Pepper (chili), Papaya, Passion-fruit, Peyote, Rice, Rosemary, Sage, Spinach, Sugarcane, Thyme, Turmeric, Valerian, Wheat-grass. Also made these non farming related objects.
  10. I am adding several new items made from vanilla items and I want the icons in the inventory to have a vanilla feel and look, and thus I would like to see the different art files up close in photoshop, but I can't seem to find them?
  11. eliabernardi

    My First Zombie

    Hi guys I've spent 2 days playing and I love this game so I thought I could make something for you so here it is (I'm pasting the URL)
  12. Cristian Black

    Black The Fall - last 48h on Kickstarter

    Hello everybody, I'm Cristian, lead designer for Black The Fall, and I just wanted to let you know about our Kickstarter campaign. Black The Fall is a sharp, modern action game set in a post-communist industrial world. Our intention is to craft a one-of-a-kind sidescrolling game that mixes combat with stealth and puzzle elements. We've got 46 h to go, so if you like out game, now is the time to check it out! Some really cool rewards are available only for this campaign: This collector Black Box contains: the cool 3D print of Black – 5.9 inches (15 cm tall)the DVD of the game with a retro design (signed) a booklet with concept art and game instructions all six postcards signed by our teamYou can find more goodies on our Kickstarter page.
  13. Okay, so I've been a PZ player for a while now (first played the game WAYYY back a few years ago) however I've never really 'stuck with' a single game, I usually get bored and sacrifice myself. However, in this current game, I'm at Day 27 (my personal record so far, my previous being about 5 days) and I'm still going strong.. I'm wondering where I go from here? I have a pretty secure place (in the middle of the town in West Point, believe it or not), I've wiped most zombies from the area and only a few wanderers really come in. I've got a good supply of non-perishables stored in my base (enough to last at least another month and a half) and rain collection barrels set up outside. I have a pretty decent stockpile of weapons (3 fire axes, 4 baseball bats, 2 crowbars, plenty of knifes, 2 pistols, a shotgun, golfclubs, etc) and I'm not short on ammunition either, plus I've opened the gun shop near my base so if I do run low on ammo (which I hardly use) then there's plenty there. I also have amassed a large amount of medicine from the nearby pharmacy which I've also stored in my base. The only thing I find that I'm in short supply of is nails, continually go out on supply runs to find damn nails. I raided the warehouse in West Point (just south of town) and the majority of shops in town.. I know there are nails further north in the neighbourhoods (in the sheds), however I tried to make a supply run into that area and it's infested as hell, no way I can loot that right now. I'm considering making the trip to Muldraugh to get some supplies, however I fear how long the walk will be. So what are you guys thoughts? What does a player do once they have an established base? And do you recommend I make the trip to Muldraugh?
  14. JJStorm

    Walking the lonely streets

    Hey Guys check out my fan-art. Just finished it today on Photoshop. Hope you like it! Took me 6-8 hours? I think...
  15. ( BaldSpot/Bob Smith, Original pic: ) All wallpapers are made with gimp and are completely custom aside from some images like blood and BaldSpot/Bob Smith, Oh and the Spiffo of course. Anyway I hope you people enjoy these things... "Surviving Muldraugh" "PZ Wallpaper" "Spiffo Wallpaper"
  16. I hate cropping images and trying to take a good picture of my pencil drawings but I was able to do my best with what I got and I posted this cartoon like zombie I named phil... EDIT: Hey, I remade Phil on my pc paint program so he looks better. Let me just say it was a pain in the a** to re-create him on paint considering the limitations the program has but I was able to do it none the less...
  17. Rathlord

    The First PZ Fan Art!

    Heya guys, I've been working on this off and on for the last few years. It's really an out pouring of my soul and I hope it shows how much I love zombies: