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Found 1 result

  1. So I think Amputation would be effective and good in the game and bring a lot more (survival) aspect. This is why I think it would do this, so you get bitten on the leg? It's usually game over. But with amputation it doesn't just make the game 'to easy' it brings survival and a second chance with disadvantages if you will? So say you get bitten on the hand, then if you chop it off quick enough using a axe or any other sharp object then you won't be infected. (This is if you do it quick enough and sometimes you can cut it off and it's to late.) If you cut your leg off it's hard to walk and you need crutches or a wooden plank if push comes to shove. NPC's come into this because they can be infected so you amputate them or something along them lines or the other way round, they amputate you (if you want that). If you loose a arm then you can only use one handed weapons and carrying space in reduced. This would bring NPC in again because if you get a NPC and they won't tell you the information you want you could threaten to cut his arm/leg/foot/hand off if they don't comply. This would bring PZ to a new level and I would appreciate some feedback or people adding on to the idea! -Thanks! (Idea inspired by The Walking Dead)
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