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Found 4 results

  1. Okay so this was brought up in another thread but really didn't want to necro a thread from 2014 and it was more about 'aging' anyway. Initially that's what I wanted too, but now we can just do it with RP. A much easier solution that wouldn't be very time consuming (at least if and when the devs decide to return to it) would be to just remove it for now. I have no idea how difficult that would be, I'm not a developer but I imagine for the devs it would be pretty easy. It's really odd to see 27 on my supposed 56 year old character. xD Obviously this isn't an immediate concern and pretty minor, but I still wanted to hear the communities opinions on it. Also as a side note, I'm curious... Am I the only one who RP's age? Or does anyone else?
  2. It would be nice if you could play as the young(14-18), adults (Vanilla), and the elderly(50-70s) Youth More positive(becomes unhappy slower)(however gets bored faster as well) Slightly weaker than adults Slightly faster than adults Increased metabolism Requires more sleep Slightly better hearing and sight Elderly(Would give the player some extra points for traits) Lowered metabolism Weaker Slower Weaker immune system Needs less sleep Much less likely to become sad although harder to get out of it Gets bored slower Less stamina Reduced hearing and sight?
  3. (If there is some kind of grammatical error or orthographical error as well, please forgive me. I'm not a anglo-speaker) Well, something that I really see as something that could be added is the concept of age. Humans born, grow and eventually die (or get transformed into zombies here in PZ). So I think that you all get the idea. The character creation panel could have the feature to indicate how old is a character. For example the minimum age could be 18 and the maximum age 60; between 18-30 the caracter will have the actual in-game stats, then while older the character will have more penalties and so on. This means that an older character can have certain advantages and disadvantages as well. Advantage/s: (this one is the only that I think so far) -More points to distribute in the traits and profesion panel due to the long age of the character. Disadvantage/s: -Weaker. -Running speed reduced. -Less stealthy.(Modified by traits or profesion) -More likely to get fractured. -A bit more likely to get ill. (Modified by traits) (It's obvious that an older character gives a harsher gaming experience). Characters that will always be 27 years old doesn't see realistic for me. In a nutshell, this means that different ages, different stats, plus slightly difficulty variations and gaming experience.
  4. I noticed a while back that the player character starts at age 27, as a lot of you know. In case you didn't know, a man with grey, balding hair is not 27. Try 57. So my suggestion is that we should be able to alter the age of our characters, and aging should be added. As years go by, the character should start to get grays, bald out, etc. Because the age system doesn't really make sense as is. That's it, thanks for reading. And I'd love feedback. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------================================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ >>>>(If this topic has been previously mentioned, I'm sorry. I couldn't find much related to my topic.)<<<<
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