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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! Been playing PZ a while now and as a role player i tend to give my character a flavor and a personality. The new trait system really nails it and really gives the character allot of flavor and new possibilities within the system. So i was playing the other day and figured why not my character should start to smoke. System wise this doesn’t give anything except for a happiness decrees and stress release and nothing more positive and nothing negative and that got me thinking. Why not have a system where you actually can get addicted or can select a trait giving you and addiction. Trait suggestions with NO addictive mechanic: Addicted to Smokes The character is addicted to smokes and need to smoke regularly or else you’ll get stressed. Creation point +1 Alcoholic The character is an alcoholic and requires alcohol to stay calm. Creation point +2 Suggestive addiction mechanic: Painkillers, Smokes and Alcohol have an addiction value. When consumed you'll have an X% change of being addicted to the substance the base chance is low but is increased when consumed multiply times and often The chance is also adjusted if you have the Easily Addicted or decreased if you have the Not Easily Addicted trait. When addicted; your character will require the substance regally if you don’t consume the substance suffer a withdrawal effect; bad mood let, nervous and stressed. The penalties will subside within 2 or 3 days if you don’t consume the substance. Trait suggestions related to the addiction mechanic: Easily Addicted This trait increases the change of the character being addicted to substances when consumed. Not Easily Addicted This trait will decree the change of the character being addicted to substances when consumed. You always need more darker stuff to a already depressive and dark game
  2. I believe addiction is something that the developers intend to add, so wanted to just share some of my thoughts on how this could work. Firstly, there would be an 'Addictions' menu which could appear with the other character tabs. In this menu, there would be a table which would show an item, and next to it a percentage of how addicted your character is (things at 0% won't be shown). All 'addictive' items would have a 'addiction risk' when hovering over them, so you can avoid accidentally getting addicted. Once you are addicted to something, if you go for an amount of time (depends on the item, and how addicted you are) without a fix, your character will get these moodles: Fidgeting - Could do with some <ITEMNAME> Withdrawal - In need of a fix, starting to feel symptoms Bad Withdrawal - Feeling the withdrawal symptoms badly After going through bad withdrawal for a certain amount of time (depends on the addiction risk), you'll be through it, however you'll be at risk of becoming addicted very easily if you go back to taking the item. If there are NPC's taking items that you are addicted to, your character will start 'fidgeting' and depending on the symptoms, can become angry with the person. The withdrawal symptoms would really only add more moodles such as tiredness, weakness, sickness, fear, anxiety, etc. We already have these moodles in place so this should be fairly easy. The symptoms you get depends on your traits and the item you're addicted to. For example a 'brooding' or 'short tempered' character should get angrier without alcohol (if they are addicted). Anyway, I just came up with this now, hopefully some of these ideas can be useful!
  3. Demnex


    I HAVE CAME BACK TO MAKE THIS SUGGESTION ONCE AGAIN! I have made it before but it was before the big forum update So here we go We should add Drugs. WHY YOU SAY?! Because it'll add so SO much diversity within game-play. I was thinking you'll be able to grow it or find it in people homes since the farming is already it why not? And it'll add more gameplay with having to grow it and such. Their would be many different drug types including Cocaine, Marijuana, Meth, PCP?, Heroin. (Maybe more) Now I was thinking each drug would have its own ups and downs (Depending on how much you use it/the amount you use) There could be these different actions Addiction - The player now NEEDS the drug to survive. If he doesn't use it to a certain time limit he gets a large withdraw effect Overdose - The play could die taking too much of the drug. Effects - Cocaine Would have speed improvement abilities for a short-while but then you come down from the high you will feel nauseous or something of that. Marijuana will sooth you and get rid of small pains and make your movement A BIT impaired. (Depends on how much you smoke) But you get the drift! And off course smoking comes with a risk of zombies smelling it... BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE Since the drugs are in the game there's going to be people looking and killing for them in gangs...
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