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Found 7 results

  1. Zombies hit by car do not count as killed by counter in info panel
  2. i change 41.43 to public to 41.43 and charge the save an some cars appear flipped, also i dont use mods i tried this and dont work: steam archive check Reintall 41.43 and start new game delete Zomboid fold and reinstall 41,43 and start new game intall public version and change to 41.43 and start new game
  3. Since the recent update where tiles under roof are filled, barn in Muldraugh north farm have weird tile placement (checked on a new map):
  4. I really like how you can dismantle TV and radios from the world now, thanks! However, it seems that currently when you choose the option to dismantle them from world, you get the chance that is dependent from your electricity skill level, while it's 100% in inventory. Speaking of which, it would be nice if you could dismantle other picked up movable objects from inventory, such as lamps, microwave or carpentry/metalworking furnitures.
  5. As it stands things like a cairn (6 rocks) or a log wall (4 logs, 4 ripped sheets) still require you to have a hammer in your inventory regardless of there being no hammering at all involved in their creation. Why is having a hammer in your inventory required to even engage with the carpentry skill? Why not have a single "construct" option, where subsets of items can be built dependent on the equipment you have? At this point if you aren't holding a welding torch, you have no idea what you could build with metalworking. Ditto with a hammer and carpentry. My ideal solution: A single "Construction" option in the right-click dropdown, with everything buildable contained within it. Within that, categorization much like we currently have within carpentry/metalworking: walls, doors, floors, etc. Within those, all options, regardless of what tool is required, with clear indication of what tools are needed. This would lead players to easier discovery of the options available to them and allow you to construct things that don't need tools without them being gated behind holding an irrelevant tool.
  6. It should be an old problem.
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