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Found 10 results

  1. I like the idea of not knowing what kind of zeds I'm going to be up against on a new run. While some of the fields can be set to random, a few others cannot. Specifically I'd like to allow random as a selection for Memory, Sight, Hearing, Smell and Day/Night Active. Not sure how hard this would be, or where to look to mod this myself.
  2. You wake up in the West Point suburban area and discover you are in the mid of a zombie apocalypse. Will you be able to survive the horde of zombies that infest this place? This map mod expands the suburbs area just outside West Point with a few interesting buildings and locations to visit and loot, it has been created with the main goal of providing the player a new place to explore and survive, with a few safe buildings in which to set up a safehouse that is not too far away from WP city center, but also not too overpowered to give the player too much of an advantage, aswell as a huge apartments complex infested by zombies, that can supply the player with lots of usefull resources. Note: This map has been tested on the IWBUMS build 41.36, and is intended to be used with a low population multiplier. (0.1 > moderate amount) (1.0 > infested by zeds) The map replaces the cells 41x23 and 41x24 and adds the followings buildings/locations: A car worskhop with plenty of space and storage to stack up loot and fornitures and 6 garages outside of it. An apartments complex that provides both a challenge and a good amount of loot. A corner store and a laundromat. A lake surrounded by a dense forest. Two wooden huts, one on the west side of the lake, and one north of it. A rural style service area near the lake. A farm south the lake protected by the forest around it. Screenshots: This is the first time for me using PZ map editor, there might be some screw ups here and there so feel free to report any error/problem with the map and i'll try to fix it as quicker as possible. Hope you enjoy my mod DOWNLOAD: Steam Workshop
  3. I have bug with textures on Macbook Pro (mid 2012, i7 3615qm, gt650m)
  4. The black text on TV is very hard to read. Either a white border should be added, or the color should be changed to something else.
  5. Hi, so i try to use some duffel bag on my secondary hand, it work, the animation is appear, but when i drop the bag on the ground, it was above my player, kindly check this video drop secondary bag.m4v
  6. Hi, i've play some custom game recently, and i found this while i try to equip my bag on my secondary arm, then i got 2 school bag XD kindly check the footage, Regards Action 5-1-2020 4-12-58 Pm-1.m4v
  7. So im tyring to cut down a tree, i pick the small tree which provide 1 log, when im cutting it, then i suddenly stop on last hack, kindly check the video Cut Down Stop-1.m4v
  8. First is here, second is here
  9. When you sneak and jog at the same time, climbing over the fence causes this kind of animation. Here's the video. This happened here if that depends on location. No mods, ofc.
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