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Found 5 results

  1. I propose slightly adjusting the hit statistics for lower 'aiming' skills. I never used firearms in the game before today, I've learned that the way you rank them up is by using them to 'execute' single zombies, as they are far too unreliable until around aim level 3. I suggest, that if you are moving and the zombie is less than 2 tiles away, there should be at least a 50% chance (dark green outline) of hitting them in the torso (and stunning them). I'd also suggest that the hit chance should go UP if the zombie is not in a walking/running animation (i.e. idle) Missing entirely is a bit unbelievable and frustrating. Below is a video showing what I did my first time ever using a gun. I assumed the red outline was just telling me that 'this is your target', I learned in a sandbox and playing around that the color changes based on chance. When you are that close to a zombie, you'd assume there would be a slight chance, hence the recommendation above to inform new players "oh, the color changes the closer they are, that's probably hit chance or something".
  2. I think this is new, I don't remember having this issue before.
  3. 'Pour into' option does not work from the environment (Gas specifically). 14sec video below showing the problem
  4. When i hold right click to aim while standing still then let go and try to move, it makes you get stuck in place. You can get out if you hold down right click while pressing w, a, s or d to move. Is this a bug? i doubt it is intentional. edit: it seems as if you get stuck in the aiming stance because the "release aim" animation doesnt go off. this doesnt always happen, i had to try many times to be able to replicate it but the steps i took to get stuck were the ones i said above.
  5. Playing with a PS4 controller. Whenever I open the new foraging UI, there is no way to navigate to a button that would close the foraging window. This worked correctly in the previous build. None of the other controls have the desired effect either, I'm stuck with the window until I close the game process by force. I suppose the keyboard might work as well, but I don't have one in my living room, so I couldn't check. Things like opening doors or fighting are also not possible when the window is open, so I guess I'm lucky I didn't get ambushed yet
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