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Found 3 results

  1. Easy fix Video on youtube of issue. As it says in the title. The vision modifier function does not have a boolean to check for the headlights being absent. If you wanted to do the job proper the function should check for each headlight and give extra vision for that side but you could slap together a quick fix and not adversely affect player experience.
  2. Bug: You are able to select both the new driving traits at the same time. Instead of taking one trait and then not being able to take the opposite trait whether it having a positive or negative effect on the player. Fix: Only being allowed to take one of the traits; either faster driving or slower driving.
  3. The issue: Basically, at the scrapyard near Riverside, and I manage to get into the middle light-blue car from the front right side door. However, upon entering the car, I now can't exit it. Obviously I was able to get into it but the game renders the car next to me to be too close to be able to exit. (Yes I tried all the doors, and none of the windows are smashed.) What I expect to happen: If the player is able to get into a vehicle, he should be able to exit the same way he came in, especially if the vehicle in question was stationary.
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