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Found 10 results

  1. The cutaway algorithm is missing some essential walls on my player build structure leading to some obstruction. It seems to be directly tied to stairs and structures above them. I'll add some screenshots of the problem. Hope the green markings help understanding the geometry. The three tile wall in screenhot A is the biggest problem. It is always fully opaque (when I'm on ground floor) and completely blocks the visibility of a substantial part of my space.
  2. Not every time, but sometimes when I remove one or a few items from a stack in the freezer, all items in that stack thaw instantly and don't begin to refreeze until I leave the cell and return. With a broken leg and a perimeter surrounded by zombies, I was not able to safely venture far enough away to reset the freeze count down, this cost me roughly half of my food, which rotted inside the fully functional freezers. It no longer seems to count as even refrigerated once this happens, as unfrozen things rotted completely within a few days. This appears to happen in all freezers, including the one that spawned with the house. Power is still on and the freezers are working otherwise. Below is a picture of what happened after I ate a bunch of berries. They'd been in there for a few weeks, frozen. I never removed the stack from the freezer
  3. I run a 24/7 server that has been up for about 10 days, with 15-20 players joining per day. One group of players has set up their safehouse in the new farm area, around 8510x9368. We changed the sandbox setting to Distribution = 2 to see if we can get some zombies to spawn out near the farms. After a few real days there are still no zombies out near the farm. The other relevant settings are: PopulationMultiplier = 1.0, PopulationStartMultiplier = 1.0, PopulationPeakMultiplier = 1.5, PopulationPeakDay = 150, RespawnHours = 57.0, RespawnUnseenHours = 12.0, RespawnMultiplier = 0.05, RedistributeHours = 12.0, As I understand it, a zone has a zombie population "hard coded", and the population will increase up to that limit, adjusted by the PopMultiplier. Do those new farm zones have zombie populations set? So far, from our observation, that one zone does not. No zombies will spawn there. GameServers_SandboxVars.lua
  4. So we've been playing with my wife on the Spiffospace for the several few days, and aside from the few annoyances, the vehicles performed fine. When we logged in today, and tried to get into one of our vehicles parked outside, they suddenly started behaving oddly – changing places, floating and while in vehicle you couldn't move, fly, I think some vehicles changed skins or spawned a different color copies too, since when we got logged out and in (the only way to get back the control of the character and mitigate the madness) there were suddenly more unknown to us vehicle colors. Then we went to a nearby parking where we knew were still cars parked, to see if the cars there behave differently, but it was the same, see the following video: Is seems that once you get into a car and try to move, all the nearby cars start to behave oddly, now we have cluster**** of cars parked in our safehouse and at the nearest parking . EDIT: It may worth be noting that the cars near our safehouse seems to be grouped together when we got back and got stuck at the nearest obstacle, plus when I tried to switch places in cars, sometime the game switched a camera to a different car. Can attach more screens of the bug if needed. Another videos of the same bug: And a screenshot of a similar thing happening on a different location:
  5. I was testing stuff with a deaf character, and realized that when I turn the radio in a vehicle, I see the usual <bzzt> and <fzzt> above that – I think deaf character shouldn't hear the buzzing sounds. After further testing, It seems that a deaf character can even listen the auditions in car's radio as usual. I checked if I can watch TV or listen regular radio when deaf, but it seems that only vehicles radio is the one that's affected, so it seems like an omission.
  6. The title of the "MECHANIC" panel that is accessed by pressing "i" button when looking at the vehicle details is a little not in line with the other information panels (inventory, loot, info/skills/health or crafting). It should say "This is the mechanic panel." or something along the lines instead of current "MECHANIC". See the attached screenshots for comparison
  7. The car in vehicles is called "WaveSignalDevice" (visible on title bar of the item) which I think it's a placeholder? Even if the name stays it lacks the spaces, but since the regular radios are used as a vehicle radios, I guess it should show the name of currently mounted radio. The second issue is that you unlike the regular radios, you can't connect headphones or earbuds to the radio mounted inside the car – you can uninstall the radio, equip it and then install the headphones/earbuds manually, but if placed back inside the car they can't be used (headphones/earbuds are there, but unusable, so I suppose they don't work). Finally, radios in the cars seems to have the (regular, not car) battery in them – I'm not sure if the battery is being depleted (seems not, as I extracted 100% ones) when used, or whether they are being used when the vehicle uses up all the car battery (never happened to me yet), but if you uninstall the radio, take the battery away and install it back, you basically have a free (regular) battery available. It would be nice if either the radios in cars spawned with no battery, or the battery inside them could actually be used (and visible inside the regular panel, along with headphones/earbuds I mentioned earlier). For a similar issue, see also my previous bug report: Deaf character should not hear radio in car.
  8. I reported this bug some time ago, but I'm not sure if it was in issue tracker or a regular forum post, nor if it was acknowledged, so again sorry if that is known issue the team is aware of. Currently, the weapon weight is only affected by attachment (which works fine, increasing the weight or decreasing when it comes to sling (actually it should decrease it only when the item is actively worn and not in containers, for example by giving an option to wear it on back just like backpacks do, but that's the matter for a different suggestion, possibly where the new animation come), but loading the magazine or ammunition in the magazine/chamber does not change the weight of it. Ideally, weapon weight should be adjusted when there's no magazine in it and when's ammo in it. The other thing that I think I suggested before (in the small suggestions maybe?) related to pistols is that I believe loading the ammo to magazine should progress to reloading difficulty (as so does loading individual shells to guns) and possibly chambering a round too, but that's only possible with the higher reloading difficulty levels and is matter for a different suggestion as well.
  9. Game does not start after recent update. Following message pops up: Fatal Error Steam must be running to play this game (SteamAPI_Init() failed). Edit: Found a workaround on the GOG forums: Open the file 'ProjectZomboid64.site.json' using notepad and edit this line, from '"-Dzomboid.steam=1", to '"-Dzomboid.steam=0", saved it and fired up the game.
  10. v39.67.5 does not honour the Windows display setting: "Night Light" screen dimness/colour setting and reverts the display to the equivalent of nightLight-off . Bug occurs when the game launches, and prevails when closing the game. Windows shows the night light is ON when closing Zomboid, but must be toggled off/on again to return the screen to the intended dimness. No mods, plain vanilla Steam version. Once night light has been toggled off/on again, the game seems to honour the setting during subsequent launch/closing/tabing/anything of the game until after reboot. I don't personally care when the game launches during play itself, but when closing the game and my Windows settings aren't returned the way they were I find it less than awesome...
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