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Found 2 results

  1. Shinjitsu noDeshi

    Teleporting Zombies

    I've set up a safe area where zombies are not able to break into, per the screen shot below. If I leave and stay a couple of days at another place (in my case, McCoy Logging Co. corporate office complex), upon return to this area there are a bunch of zombies inside the fenced compound. There are no other breaks in the fence surrounding the warehouse/construction/self storage area (co-ords in the upper left corner of the screenshot.) This is single player, no mods, and the issue has been present since the early vehicle builds. Reproduction Steps: Use the sandbox options shown below (insane urban hordes, no respawns.) Block off warehouse at coordinates 10704 x 10148 using vehicles to prevent zombies from climbing over the low fence. Leave the area. I am unsure how far, but I go to the McCoy Logging offices. Return after several days have passed. 3. and 4. may be affected by a helicopter event that has triggered and drawn zombies through the general area at the POS in the screenshot. Zombie spawning is turned off, and it may or may not coincide with the helicopter events. I use sandbox games, and here's the settings for respawning. PS - is there a way I can view a saved game's sand box settings? Shin
  2. Shinjitsu noDeshi

    Furniture Placement Mode & Combat

    If you are attempting to place a piece of furniture, and need to attack a zombie - you won't. The system keeps you in the "furniture placement" state, and thinks you are clicking to place the furniture on the location where the mouse was. This occurred to me in the most recent IWBUMS build, in a single player, no mod game. This is a problem because it prevents you from quickly responding to sudden threats - you are forced to manually exit the mode first. IMO, the attack should complete even if you are in furniture pickup/placement mode. Reproduction Steps: Have a weapon equipped (eg kitchen knife.) Pick up a chair. Change to furniture placement mode. Attempt to attack a zombie (jaw stab.) You will not attack, and you will not exit furniture placement mode. You will move towards the location where your mouse was hovering when you attacked and place the furniture. Shin