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Found 2 results

  1. Performing some recipes on items directly in the vehicle seems to cause container sync issues between client and server. Specifically in this case: 1) Filled the back of my truck with 9 logs, drove them to a destination and sawed them into planks while they were in the trunk, planks went into inventory (seemed normal client side) 2) Dropped the planks from inventory, and repeated step #1 3) Dropped the planks again, then logged out of the dedicated server. End result logging back in: 18 logs in trunk, well past maximum capacity. Server is linux GoG build, Client windows GoG, and yes some mods are loaded (ORGM, Necroforge, and another custom one I wrote myself), but being completely familiar with the mod's code, none would cause this kind of desyncing issues (you'll have to forgive me for reporting this with mods loaded, but shutting down the server and testing pure vanilla build would be impossible atm)
  2. Server is running the linux build from GoG, deleted the game directory and all mod folders before installing 39.66.3 Windows clients fail the checksums. Tested client with the windows build, deleted the game directory and mods before installing. Fails both modded and modless. Deleted the linux server's lua files, and copied the window client's files to the server: checksums passed
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