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Found 35 results

  1. Roflmaozors

    New Dawn Roleplay

    Project Zomboid Serious Roleplay, Cold Fear Release: 1/25/2019 New Dawn Roleplay is back once again with another lore and storyline setting this time in Astoria, Oregon 2006 which is a custom-made map created by our staff. This lore will offer a pre-apocalypse stage where players will be able to own and run their own businesses if they like to with no fear of zombie invasions! It is solely up to the creativity of the player what they would like to be. Whether it is a homeless vagrant character, a fisherman, or a big-time Michelin chef it is up to you. The player base is mostly based on America, EST with the most active times around 6 PM EST to 12 AM EST. We still have a community of Oceanic players and European players on the server as well, so don't be afraid to join based on time-zone reasons. As the staff, we'll be able to find a way to accommodate that issue and also we're excited to have anyone whether they are beginner roleplayers or experienced. LINKS For information about the lore, click here. Claimable custom-buildings, click here. To start your application, click here. MOD LIST Hydrocraft ORGM MoreBuild NaturalClock Hairstyle CoordinateView NoLuck GluttonyProfessionMod We also have a small raffle that is on-going only for the beginning of the lore, it is a writing contest so - the best writer wins a free steam-key for Project Zomboid! Here is the link, click here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to ask any questions here or ask us in our discord server:
  2. Redboid [PVP] [PVE] [Hydrocraft] [24/7] IP: To all PZ Survivors, Redboid has just started a fresh season for the new year! Come join us on one of the longest running servers to date! We have a thriving community, along with friendly active Admins that are willing to answer any questions & help with any problems that you may have. Our server is run in favor of you players to give you all different play experiences with various mod/map additions, regular events & much more. Maps: Vanilla - Slocan Lake - Hashima Island (PVP/BR Area) Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars! Nocturnal Zombies & Many more Server settings: 3 alternate characters per player 5x character XP gain 4 extra trait points Links: Reddit Discord: Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to all the server’s information and designated areas for questions, suggestions, announcements, direct contact with the admins and more. We shall look forward to seeing you there As always Have Fun & Be Safe! -The Redboid Admin Team
  3. Maris


    Just an idea. Mod should turn off protection of private base for short period of time e.g. only 2 hors (real time) each Sunday (real time). So there will be possible mass pvp each weekend on a public server with this mod. I'd make it by myself but I can't figure out how it is possible. May be some secret API functions... Does anybody knows?
  4. Welcome to Redboid! One of the longest running servers with a dedicated admin team and ever-growing community. Our focus is to provide an experience you will not forget! Ranging from events, factions, PvE, PvP and a touch of role-play. Let us not forget the hordes of the undead that plague the lands! The possibilities are endless. What will the zombie apocalypse turn you into?! A leader of a glorious faction? A ruler of ruthless bandits? Or just your general survivor, trying to get by in this wretched world Here you will be challenged both mentally and physically, dealing with a constant onslaught of zombies amongst other desperate survivors and mother nature herself. Whom can you trust? Will your best friend betray you? Will someone trip you to save their life from the horde? Or would they sacrifice their own, so you can live another day? As Project Zomboid has just unleashed its newest update that now includes weather functions we have slightly tweaked the server’s settings, map layout and mods amongst other things to compensate for this new gameplay addition. We listen to all feedback and suggestions, changing the server based on them, providing a different and fun experience for all who want to join in. Basic Information: [PVP/PVE] [Dedicated PvE Area] [24/7] IP: Maps: Vanilla, Over the River Mods: Beard-Pak Blind Trait Mod Corpse Study Desperate Crafting Food Expiration Date and Bar Garbage Disposal Hair Style Item Tweaker API King's New Recipes MewArmy Organized Item Names Missing weapon models More Build More Hair Colours Nocturnal Zombies ORGM Rename Weapon Server Props Upgraded Hiking Bags Wedge's Hydrocraft Tweaks Wedge's Item Name Fixes Wilhelm's Wilderness Improvements Zombie Loot Extended Server settings: 3 alternate characters per player 3x character XP gain Reddit: Discord: Joining the Server: If you are a new player you can join our server through the Join servers menu, named “[PVP/PVE] [ORGM] [Hydrocraft] [Fresh since 30th Oct] Redboid". If you cannot find it, the IP address is: You can then choose your desired Account Name and Account Password (Please refrain from choosing offensive names as you will be asked to change it) Clicking “Save” will add the server to your favorite tabs, to ensure a quicker join and prevent forgetting your credentials. You can have up to 3 alternate characters, but you are not required to if you so wish. Please make sure to write down each username/password combination upon account creation. Remember: Losing a password means losing a character, ask for admin assistance if that happens. If you have an error saying “Player does not appear to have been created on this server”, you might need to delete your character save file located in My Computer/C:/Users/(account name)/Zomboid/Saves/Multiplayer/
  5. Redboid [PVP/PVE] [Dedicated SafeZone] [24/7] [Hydrocraft] IP: To all PZ Survivors! Come join us on one of the longest running servers to date! We have just reset out server with a new map and new possibilities! We have a thriving community, along with friendly active Admins that are willing to answer any questions/problems that you may have. Maps: Vanilla, Over The River Mods: Hydrocraft, ORGM, ORGM Extreme, MoreBuild, CorpseStudy, RenameWeapon, BookCollection, Beard-Pak, POS, MoreHairColours, Hairstyle, Desperate Crafting, Immersive Overlays, Blind Trait, Kings New Recipes, Food Expiration, Wilderness Improvements Server settings: 3 alternate characters per player 3x character XP gain Links: Reddit: Discord: Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to the servers’ information and designated areas for questions, suggestions, direct contact with the admins and more. We shall look forward to seeing you there As always Have Fun & Be Safe! -The Redboid Admin Team
  6. Beard

    [24/7] Redboid

    Redboid [PVP/PVE] [Dedicated SafeZone] [24/7] IP: To all PZ Survivors! Come join us on one of the longest running servers to date! We have a thriving community, along with friendly active Admins that are willing to answer any questions/problems that you may have. Maps: Vanilla Mods: ORGM, MoreBuild, CorpseStudy, RenameWeapon, BookCollection, Beard-Pak Server settings: 3 alternate characters per player 3x character XP gain Links: Reddit: Discord: Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to the servers information and designated areas for questions, suggestions, direct contact with the admins and more. We shall look forward to seeing you there As always Have Fun & Be Safe! -The Redboid Admin Team
  7. Hello! Brief advertisement for a 4-slot multiplayer server me and a friend are playing on. It's the stable 39.67.5 Steam build, vanilla, about five days in. Electricity shut down, water still works, we've a small base going if you don't want to set one of your own up. The server is up 24/7 save the occasional server reboot to clear RAM. I'll be trying to keep it to a minimum. The idea is just PvE, and we're looking for either adults or mature players to have in the server, to avoid griefing and the like. The server is rented for a month, but I'll be prolonging if there's enough interest. Message me on Discord at Nick#5501 or reply here, though my response with the server info might be delayed if you do. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.
  8. PERMANENT INVITE SERVER DISCORD: Element Gaming, the Biggest Italian Multigaming community, presents: THE WALKING DEAD PROJECT: The Era of Evil The Walking Dead Project is a game server for Project Zomboid focused on the famous tv show. Peculiarity and exclusivity of this server will be the locations, reproduced with the Editor Map of Project Zomboid, in a exclusive pack that you can find on the Steam Workshop: In this new season named: The Era of Evil, there will be serveral news that you will find on our server , as the exclusive Trading Post Arena and new locations that will take your breath away, all new things to find out. The new project is supported and coordinated by the biggest and consolidated Italian multigaming community on the national territory: Element Gaming. Survivors, with the upcoming opening of the server "The Walking Dead Project" we are looking for Staff members. Joining the staff will result in joining the #elementgaming staff too! For more info and questions, don't esitate to contact us in private. Server info: Host By: OVH This is a dedicated server installed on a next-generation machine license plate OVH, among the best Host Server in the world, from the lofty performance and professional ANTI-DOS, guaranteed minimum latency. Server status: ONLINE Server location: GERMANY Player slots: 50 HOW TO CONTACT US: Official Website: Team Speak: SERVER IP: PORT: 16261 SERVER NAME: THE WALKING DEAD PROJECT - ELEMTNT GAMING MODS: -The Walking Dead Project-Pack by Woldren -Over the River by Woldren -East Bridge by Woldren -GPS -Bedford Falls -Canned Fix -PumpPower Updated -Hydrocraft -Book Collection V3 -Craft Helper Mod -Immersive Overlay -South muldragh -Phoenix -New denver -Drayton -Quick stuff -NEW MODS ADDED 04/12/2017 - Object Zero More Meds - Project Farmoid - Wilhelm's Wilderness Improvements OFFICIAL FAN PAGE WEBSITE: OFFICIAL FAN PAGE : To find out more, contact us via our social containers ADMIN: Flavio Musolino ( COO-ADMIN: Woldren ( Steam Account: Aeneas Romae ( Visit our page on Workshop **********RULES********** CUSTOM MAPS LOCATION PROLOGUE Welcome to The Walking Dead Project. You are inside the Harrison Memorial Hospital, as Rick. Dress up his clothes, immerse yourself in the story, relive the emotions of the famous TV series and rewrite the fate of your character. Visit all faithfully reproduced location of The Walking Dead, exclusively for this game server. Are you ready to live and die with us? - Meet and interact with the characters from the well-known TV series LOCATIONS CDC: The chosen location is one of the most important buildings of the city of Atlanta, the Center for Disease Control, where scientists and doctors have been trying to find a cure for the infection. Hershel Greene’s farm: it includes a big two-floor house, some huts for the cattle and a hayloft. The town of Woodbury will be reproduced as accurately as possible. It is protected by walls and it hosts a community led by a man who wants to be called Governor. It is sufficiently protected, it is full of useful resources, including electricity. The prison: probably it is going to be the one already present in the workshop, but there are going to be some new details and tricks in its surroundings. Terminus, The Terminus community is located in an old train station and is protected by some fences. It seems well organized and some food never fails. Too bad that its inhabitants have converted to cannibalism! The safe area of Alexandria looks like the most well-organised. It is clean, protected, with big spacious houses for nice people. It seems too good to be true. As a matter of fact, it is not that perfect… Hilltop is a community located on a Hill. His survivors are farmers that live with the provent of their farms. Hilltop has few soldiers but no fire weapons. For this reason the soldiers at defence of the gate use lances. The Kingdom: A Group of surivors has taken a zone that they call "The Kingdom". They call their leader "King" and everyone loves and respect him. They are farmers too, but they have their own army, that consists of men who train every day to protect civilians Sanctuary: The base of the Evil Oceanside: A group of women survivors has taken refuge in the forest, building their own camp to stay isolated and escape from the enemies. SECRET LOCATION: There will also be buildings and/or optional and ‘’secret’’ locations, which will be revealed during the seasons. Harrison Memorial Hospital Trading Post Arena FORT KNOX By: Element Gaming
  9. s-p-n


    Come join in. Public Name: 24/7 > Itendor IP/Host: OR Port: 16261 Whitelist: Off Max Players: 20 Version: 39.66.3 Looking for people who'd like to play this server. Hosted on my dedi running only this server on linux. 100 starting points. Stupid fast XP. Common Generators. Abundant foraging and farming. 7 days for safe house. Easy vehicles Vanilla (no mods) The server has PVP enabled, though I am considering disabling PVP as I would prefer a friendly co-op environment rather than a grief fest.
  10. Deadly Paradise es un servidor de rol de habla hispana en Project Zomboid en el que se busca interpretar diferentes personajes en un apocalipsis zombie. Por ellos buscamos gente que este interesada en este tipo de rol realista enfocado en este tipo de entorno INFORMACIÓN DEL SERVIDOR - Foro: - TS3: - Estado del servidor: ONLINE - Slots: 20. - Contienes varios mods para mejorar la experiencia del servidor. HISTORIA DE DEADLY PARADISE (LORE)
  11. IP: To All Pz Survivors! The Redboid server Is back on the original build! After almost a month on the Vehicles build we have now switched back, everything is the same par one or two changes here and there to compensate the changeover. Come Survive with us on one of the longest-running PZ servers to date! We try to compensate for all walks of player to ensure it is fun for all as well as having active admins on call for any Issues/Player needs. Our Server Includes; - GUNZ Mod! - Hairstyle Mod! - Hydrocraft Mod! - Trading Post! - 3 Alts Allowed Per Player! and many other attributes included! We are A PVP Server with a dedicated KOS zone & added PvE/Safezone All other Info and Rules can be found on our Reddit Page or Discord Channel Feel Free to drop us any queries or questions you have As always Stay Safe & Have Fun! -Redboid Admin Team
  12. We have a new aussie server called [AU]Black Talons|AIZ 2|Hydrocraft|XPx10 Featuring AIZ Enhanced 2! This is many of the community maps combined to make one BIG map, lots to explore and loot! Also featuring the popular mod which adds many, many features including lots of professions/skills/crafting. Hydrocraft We have other great mods which can be found on our mod collection page! Full list of mods: Mod collection Player accounts are limited to 1 each. XP gain is at x10. Transmission is turned off for now. Zombies are slow shamblers. Loot respawn is at 48 hrs to encourage exploration, this may be increased if requested. Safe houses are enabled. For those who like pvp you can enable it and for those who don't just leave it off. New characters start with custom loadout. Join our Discord for more info:
  13. New Dawn - Powered by AGN New Dawn is the longest running role play server here for Project Zomboid. We aim to bring an atmosphere of quality role play as well as heavy immersion in the server. With the admins, players of Project Zomboid, and our development team, we have created tons of features that you will be taken care of as a player on our server. Server info: Server Status: ONLINE Server Location: North America (Works globally) Player Slots: 64 Revised New Dawn Team: Founder/Head Admin: ModdedTibby Head Admin: FinestHops Admin: El Cid, Wispear, DrBezendrine Head Event Admin: MindGate Event Admin: Harperers, Homocera, HostofProselyte, Kæbl, Master Blaster, piggs, Trickardo, TuckerCTM (Being updated) Developer (Website/Server): jianmingyong, TheRealJebus Discord Server: Our discord server is a hub for everyone including non PZ players. PZ server admins are not in control over it. We'll see you at: ^ Apply your character for white-listing on the website - Don't forget to read the rules ^ Players that have problems with their forum account, please send in a support ticket to "Website Support" so that I can fix them. Creating multiple account is not allowed in our forum. You may be subjected to approval upon registering. Harassment is NOT allowed anywhere near the shoutbox or any form of post in our forum. We do not tolerate them. They are banable offence if we ever caught you doing it. Thank you and have a nice day
  14. Pann

    Old Dawn RP

    Server info: Server status: ONLINE Server location: United States Player slots: 24 HOW TO CONTACT US: Official Website: Team Speak: Available on the Site SERVER NAME: Old Dawn RP We’re currently opening up a few applications to our server. We are a mid-range RP server, that focuses on enjoying RP, while enjoying the game as well. We have a light rule set, and are just looking for a few more players to round out our server. Our Prime Player base tends to be in the evenings and mid-day weekends, but we are open all day so that players can play and join our Australian and European players. If you’re interested in joining a small server, where you can tell your own story and enjoy the game, feel free to register and give us a look.
  15. Greetings! I currently working on a new server and wanted to get some feedback and some admins for it. Connection stuff: Technical stuff: Settings: Maps: Mods:
  16. Australian Zomboid players! Kaizokuroof comes to your aid and has started hosting a Public Project Zomboid Server, available to everyone! SERVER STATUS: ONLINE - The server is currently online. Server details: You can now find the server listed on the public server list, as my IP changes. Server name: Kaizokuroof's Australian PZ Server. Default port Ping limit: 300 Located in Canberra, Australia Game build/Version: NA - currently offline Mods: Currently running; Hydrocraft, ApCom - You can download them by clicking the name. Honor system/Rules: PvE is encouraged, but not enforced. Social engineering via global chat however, is not (no asking to join, to turn around and backstab them) Help! - Project Zomboid map, created by Blindcoder - This is metagaming and while I don't mind if you do, preferably don't use the map unless you're stuck Contact: If you need help with the server, want to band up, or are simply needing a chat then hit me up with the following methods: - Skype; kaizokuroof117 - Steam; supercrazyafroman117 - - Or via the forums here, I check back every couple of days, so best bet is Steam, I don't often check skype. Donations: If you enjoy the server, have a little bit of extra cash and want to give something back, then click HERE!
  17. The Treehouse You can apply here: We want to create a unique and fun experience for everyone who decides to join. We are very set on our rules, and will do interview for this WHITELISTED server on TeamSpeak for anyone that wants to join. You can apply via the forums. Rules The rules can be found on the forums along with all of the other information you need. Here you can find the Doc containing the various rules (Think Altis Life for ArmA, except integrated into Zomboid) on how to play. You will also find the mods that are currently on the server, and some instructions on how to install each one. Mods We are using New Denver, TWD Prison, and the Hydrocraft mods currently. Hours The server is up 24/7! Manual restarts occasionally so that we don't see lag spikes. --- Basically we're looking to start some really cool activities. We want groups to form naturally. We've set up RP standards on the server so that KOS/Raiding isn't problematic and only forms naturally. We're open for suggestions for different things: Rule changes, events that will form via admin (DM), etc. We're also planning different types of events. Certain things where we set off Choppers (Trollocopters) and announce to everyone that a "drop" has been made somewhere on the map. Certain things like these would be first come, first serve and create some healthy competition. The zombies are set to Insane, loot spawn is set to rare, and respawn of loot is set to none. Forum regular Syfy is one of the admins, and myself the other. So we can do quick interviews with people to get them in game. We've also set up team rooms for people who want to group up. Other streamers are welcome also. And we can always add more team rooms depending on the amount of teams we end up having! If there are any questions, let me know!
  18. Started a private server located on the east coast with a white list so there is almost no chance of cheaters. So far we are about 7 strong. We are willing to let other like minded honest gamers with integrity to join us. Pm me or post and I can set up an interview to talk about some things. (preferably over teamspeak or steam voice chat) -I plan on no resets what so ever unless a major patch deems its a must (such as new animations/maps) Thus trading will become a must in the later years of the world (I like nails as a monetary currency) -Currently there are 24 player slots. (More can be added if needed) -PVP is on but strict rules for PVP are to be followed. Such as no RDMing for the sake of RDMing -Hardcore Death means once that character has been killed you are done with it, you may not remake the same character (how ever one priest we had before did make his recently deceased character's son, I was okay with this) -Make or break style of surviving, sometimes its best to team up with a faction while other times is best to rob them or kill them if they cause trouble. -Meta-gaming is frowned on but just don't over do it. -Strict building code, Do not go around building stairways to heaven or demoing public buildings unless you have claimed it and created traps for looters -Cheating is NOT allowed, if caught you will be publicly shamed and banned for life. -If creating a faction you will either be friendly traders, bandits, community centers. -There are two NO PVP trading hubs, one in each town (Mall and Tavern) Everything is pretty laid back just don't go to crazy and enjoy some zomboid how its meant to be played, privately and without cheaters. Keep in mind with the new traits, communities will be a must so you can have jobs dedicated to those with the skills best suited.
  19. Salve, metto a disposizione un server italiano di Zomboid. Il nuovo server si trova in Italia (e non più in francia come quello precedente). Sito di riferimento: Nel browser interno del gioco lo trovate come [iT] Indirizzo IP: Porta: 16261 Banner Stato Server Vi consiglio prima di unirvi al server di specificare anche una password. Se l'username non esiste, verrà creato automaticamente insieme alla password che avete scelto. Questo vi permette di non farvi fregare il nickname, qual'ora qualcuno tenti di entrare nel server con il vostro username. Il server è stato configurato come Sandbox. In questo modo è possibile personalizzare una serie di opzioni. Ecco la configurazione attuale: Opzioni generali PVP: AttivatoServer in pausa quando è vuoto: NoOggetti iniziali: Mattarello, Giornale e 3 MeleSandbox - Opzioni del Mondo Quantità Zombie: AltaDistribuzione Zombie: Centro urbanoTubature d'acqua: Fino a 60 giorniElettricità: Fino a 50 giorniFrequenza degli allarmi nelle case: Molto SpessoFrequenza delle case bloccate (Porta): Molto spessoDeterioramento degli alimenti: NormaleRespawn degli oggetti: Ogni settimanaRespawn degli zombie: Ogni settimanaMesi passati dall'apocalisse: 0Sandbox - Natura Temperatura: NormalePioggia: NormaleVelocità di erosione: Normale (100 giorni)Velocità di coltivazione: NormaleAbbondanza della natura: NormaleSandbox - Rarità degli oggetti Cibo: RaroArmi: RaroAltri oggetti: RaroSandbox - Personaggio Esperienza: 1.2xIncremento stats: NormaleSandbox - Opzioni del tempo Durata di un giorno: 2 ore (reali)Mese di inizio: LuglioOra di inizio: 7 di mattinaSandbox - Zombie Velocità: Shamblers (normali penso)Forza: DeboliResistenza: NormaleTipo di trasmissione: Sangue + SalivaMortalità dell'infezione: 1-2 settimaneTempo di rianimazione: 2-3 giorniCognizione: Navigazione di baseMemoria: CortaRaggio di visione: NormaleUdito: NormaleOdore: NormaleNB: i tempi si riferiscono a quelli del gioco.
  20. Well come to this server, running 24 hours 7 days a week. Just make sure server IP is we moved to a larger RAM server, Server name [Au_Sydney][24x7][PvE/RP]BuildOurWorld IP is
  21. Hey guys! Just bought my own public server with 20 slots available. If the demand is there I'll gladly increase it. It's my first time running a PZ server so any tips or suggestions would be nice! Server IP: Port: 16261
  22. This server has been renamed and moved to:
  23. Zombie Life! (24/7 US PvE Server) *Now with the Walking Dead Prison!!! Server Status Status : ONLINE (the server is whitelisted as of now! Please join teamspeak or message me to be added) Address: Port: 16261 Teamspeak 3: Website: The Walking Dead Prison Get ready for some serious excitement. Community member Leolvanov did an excellent job at creating TWD Prison so I have added it to the map. It is located just north of the logging company in Muldraugh, KY. The players now spawn at the prison. This is a safe zone and PvP is not allowed unless an event has been created. This area will be dense with zombies so it is best to stay inside if you spawn here. You can always venture out, but don't say you weren't warned! Please feel free to join us in the fun. Thanks and take care!
  24. Hello, I have rented out a server with high performance for players to enjoy, the server is 24 slots and is vanilla. The IP is: The port is: 16261 (Default Port) Server is located in Germany, Europe! BUILD: 30.16 RULES: 1. DO NOT USE ANY SORT OR FORM OF EXPLOIT. 2. Be friendly to the other players. 3. Don't mess with other peoples stuff unless you know them well enough and they allow it. 4. Don't spam, but that doesn't mean you can't use global chat. Feel free to use it as much as you want. 5. Preferably don't set houses on fire unless you have a real good reason to do it. IMPORTANT: THE SERVER IS WHITELISTED. TO JOIN, FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW In order to join, answer these questions on this forum. -What username would you like?** ex. "BambiJuice" -Why do you want to join this server?** (Give me a good reason for me to add you) -Do you play Project Zomboid often? ex. "Yes, I play it every day for 1-2 hours" -Have you read the rules and accept these rules?* -What is your steam id?* ( ex. STEAM_0:1:34439117 -Do you have a story for your character? (OPTIONAL) IF YOU GET ACCEPTED, I WILL SEND YOU A PM WITH A RANDOM PASSWORD AND YOUR PREFERED USERNAME. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IN-GAME! NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours to get accepted, I'm the only one doing the paperwork!
  25. So, I recently set up a server at . The rules are simple: Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Play as you like, there will be no restrictions. Of course cheating, racsim or insulting is forbidden, that should be clear. This server runs 24/7 and due to the lack of setting-abilities at nitrado for PZ, there will be a hard reset every week. You are welcome to join and play! IP: Port: 16261