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Found 2 results

  1. Credit to Spyder638 for originally creating the mod. This is an Item Spawner mod, it uses an ingame window that you can navigate through and spawn items with. it will first pop up when you start the game, and can be reopened by pressing the NumENTER KEY. Note: I am not sure if i can emphasize this enough but i still attend school (grade 12) so i don't always have time to work on this mod (or shouldn't, but i generally do anyway). So if ANYBODY has any suggestions, bugs reports/fixes, or can and is willing to help me code and get updates for this mod out sooner I URGE you to PM me. Features: Spawns a variety of weapons and itemsuses the new UI window to select the item you want without having to memorize codesBugs: graphics glitch with [], has yet to appear in []if one of the tabs from ZSpawn gets dragged it will go back to where you wanted to move it from and a ghost frame will carry with you outside of the ZSpawn window and only goes away if you close the ZSpawn windowTo Do: an updated items list to include recently added itemsMake the ZSpawn Window more efficientInstallation for PZomboid and lower: unzip the fileopen the ZSpawn Foldermove the Media folder into your ProjectZomboid FolderInstallation for PZomboid unzip the filemove the ZSpawn Folder into your mods folder that is inside your ProjectZomboid FolderZSpawn 0.2: ZSpawn.zip ZSpawn 0.3: ZSpawn 0.3.zip This mod seems to be outdated and does no longer work with the current Steam build. - RoboMat ZSpawn 0.3* ( compatible): Zspawn 0.3.zip *in 0.3 [] compatible version the ZSpawn window no longer automatically spawns when you start the game, but you can still just open it the normal way. ZSpawn 0.3.2 ( compatible): Zspawn (0.3.2).zipnow plays a lot friendlier with the game, and frame rates when you constantly need to close and reopen itmajor credit to ExcentriCreation for providing us with this fix*****IMPORTANT***** Now you need to press the ~ KEY to open ZSpawnAgain major Credit to Spyder638 for originally creating the mod. You can find his original thread here.
  2. Description I am new to coding and this is my first real post, i am unsure if other people have been having this issue but when ever i open the inventory panel all the things that use a Condition bar are always messed up and not aligned with the actual item, this fixes that. i hope this gets to Lemmy or one of the Devs. because it is an easy fix and they can incorporate this into the new patch, which makes it a lot easier for me because then i don't have to keep on updating the Code So here you go! [] - [] condition bar alignment fix.zip [] condition bar alignment fix.zip [] condition bar alignment fix.zip *remember this is a fix not a mod, so you install it the way you use to before you got version PM me if you have any ideas, fixes, or updates that i should do.
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