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Found 2 results

  1. REMEMBER: This is a forum test release because it may have new bugs or other serious issues, in fact a few we're aware of already and this latest build hasn't had a huge amount of closed testing. However we'd like to extend it to a forum test to get any remaining issues as quickly as possible. If not comfortable with that, please wait until official release on Desura, which should hopefully be for Mondoid if it goes well. REMEMBER, it's always advised to manually back up your saves (C:\Users\<username>\Zomboid\<gamemode>) when using forum builds. (if file is not present, please try again in 10-20 mins) [removed outdated links] Change list : No more god mode. Fixed various sheetrope bug (consummed sheet rope, falling to death...) Added icon for dead zombies.
  2. So I used to mod a lot with the Unreal engine, back in the Unreal Tournament (through about UT2004 days) - but since got a job, made a living programming "serious" things, etc. Zomboid, however, seems a great chance to crack back into it. I'm working on SICmod ... or Stuff I'd Change AKA Beer and Duct Tape. Basically just minor gameplay tweaks. Since I just cracked open the Lua scripts, not entirely sure what's realistic yet. But I'll use this post as a status/TBD update. Kinda working: Beer - just what you would think. It's beer. Comes in a can, refreshes thirst.Duct Tape - Repairs melee weapons in a way similar to bandages.Custom Magazines - Like normal magazines, but specific titles which you can actually learn things from.Diluted Bleach (Disinfectant)Grain Alcohol (Booze or Disinfectant)MouseTraps (Rat Traps, actually)Simpler kindling (I think having an axe or a saw is really req enough for a Park Ranger)Reloading KeyProper config / version Planned/TBD: Tons of balancing and tweaking Releases Tested against 9.15Download here: http://sicmod.herokuapp.com/SICmod.zip
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