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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, Change list : [bUG FIX] The weak trait will now reduce your max capacity.Fixed the weird lighting in the church.Fixed the brown wooden stairs textures in carpentry menu.Fixed some bugged walls (where you could loot through them).Craft food from rotten ingredients will give you a rotten food as result.Now save the unhappy and boredom level.The Anti-depressants now reduce the unhappyness (effect is not immediate, it take some times).Fixed lighting issues / holes in world draw errors.If you click outside the delete save modal dialog in the world selector, it'll disapear.Fixed the fire saving/load bug.Fixed a bucket/garden spray can duplication bug. [PERFORMANCE] Fixed memory leak causing OOSs on some systems.Performance changes / improvements (no promises, including the demo, with the numbers we're talking chances are it'll take a few to get most of them sorted).Tweaked the camping code to make it much more efficient. [NEW STUFF] Added inventory icon for berries bush.Added various tooltip (pills, ...), to help the new players.New items ! (include lovely spiffo burger by our cutie pie Mash !).New recipes : Box of things, explaination : You can now find box of nails (you also have screws, bullets...), right click on it and select "open" will give you 100 nails AND if you have 100 nails, you can also right click on it and "put in a box" to move them around easily.[bALANCE] When you make an item, we set the condition of the result item with an average of the used items condition, and not just the lowest condition.Tweaked the number of berries in a bush.You'll now have much more chance to find stuff (including axes and hammer) in the West Point toolstore (in front of the sea horse coffee).Time to start a fire in a oven increased.Tweaked a bit the fire spreading (it spread more... "The roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the..." Erm.) [MODDERS] Now load "Item_...png" instead of "item_...png" in the mod loader.The mod directory can now be different of the mod ID for the mod loader.New event : "OnFillContainer" // Every time we fill a new container with item, param : room name, container type name, the container just filled.New event : OnChangeWeather // Every time we change the weather, triggered in lua, param : the new weather (string). [TRANSLATIONS] Updated translation : Russian, French and Polish.Added few new things to translate : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2103-official-translation-files/page-2#entry43568
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