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Found 4 results

  1. New server, very hardcore settings, for PVP/PVE/RP, all styles. Safezones, including one with a spawn point. Monghell : 16261 https://discord.gg/r9VuPs4
  2. 41.2 Vehicles 3xXP [Hydro][ORGM][Silencers][PumpPower][POS] If the following discord link has expired, click discord on our website: https://www.grandplangaming.com/ https://discord.gg/PvDJx8j IP: (It's generally easier to search for GrandPlanGaming in the in-game server list) Server Info Vehicles 3xXP Hydrocraft ORGM Silencers PumpPower POS Loot Respawn 7 Days for Safehouse 3 Characters per user 100% Dedicated Server Must use Vehicle Test 41.2 client. To update to 41.2: Right-Click game in Steam > Properties > Betas > Select: vehicle - Work in progress on vehicles
  3. Правила (Rules): Не оскорблять! (No insults!)Никакого PVP на спавне! (PVP is prohibited on spawn point)Не использовать баги/читы (No bugs/cheats)Желательно чтобы вы до конца отыгрывали свою роль, это всегда ценилось и ценится! (It is desirable that you act out their role is much appreciated!) Подключение (Connection): Username: Ваш ник (Your Nickname) Password: Не обязательно (Does not necessarily) Настройки (Settings) PVP: true Pause on empty: false Global chat: true Open: true Slot: 32 players
  4. I wont work on the Server anymore and wont add anybody. The Reason behind that: We were a small group of up to 10 people. We played on a server which was taken offline, without any warning. So people were trying to host a server. But nobody was able to host one for 24/7. I felt responsible to do something, so we are able to play again. So i hosted a server, but told everybody, that its not possible for me, to do it all on my own. "No Problem, we will continue the work", they said. After a week, these people who wanted to continue my work, but just needed a server, were gone. So i made an announcement, in our teamspeak, where every new player can see, that i am looking for people who wants to continue my work, with full controll over my Server. I was waiting for 1 week. So now its my time, to announce, that the work on the Server wont continue anymore. I told everybody, that i cant do the work, because i have other business to do. I will continue to play Project Zomboid on Singleplayer and also on Servers. But i wont be able to host one. I just did it, because i felt responsible for these people who wants to play on a whitelisted new server. So... now that nearly everybody is gone, my work is done. Sorry for my bad english, i am not a native speaker. Hello everyone and welcome to "Seven Pines"! It is worth noting that this is a whitelist server that allows both stealing and PvP. We will also try to keep the number of resets down on the server, though we will be resetting once the update (Build 25) happens. Our Requirements Microphone Teamspeak 3 Aged 16 or older Maturity Capable of speaking English The Rules Your Teamspeak name and in-game name have to be the same Must use TS while you are on the server Do not exploit bugs No excessive griefing No wanton acts of destruction on property (bare in mind that this rules may be subject to change) The Future We want to populate the world of Project Zomboid with groups of like-minded players who are willing to get along and trade with other groups. Things are bound to change as PZ:MP grows and updates, but for now we want to find people and friends to play with. Events such as scheduled co-op horde fighting and PvP group battles are encouraged, so long as players suggest them and we can schedule them accordingly. We have many plans for when more admin tools are released, but this will come soon. How to join? Two things are necessary to join the server: Read the application below and fill it out - then send this privately (via private message) to the account that made this post Visit our Teamspeak 3 and look for a channel called "New Players Readme". Read the description and get in contact with one of the people listed there edit: ip deleted. THE APPLICATION BELOW IS A TEMPLATE, FILL IT OUT WITH YOUR OWN INFO _____________________________________________________ How old are you? : What time zone do you live in? : How many hours played on Project Zomboid? : How many hours do you play per week? : How long have you been playing Project Zomboid : Steam account name : In-game/Teamspeak 3 name : Your desired whitelist password : Why do you want to join our PZ community? : _____________________________________________________ What are the Server specs? Processor: Intel®Xeon® E5-2670V2 DDR 3: 16GB Raid-Level: RAID50 CPU Cores: 4
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