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Found 3 results

  1. New server, very hardcore settings, for PVP/PVE/RP, all styles. Safezones, including one with a spawn point. Monghell : 16261 https://discord.gg/r9VuPs4
  2. Edit: I cannot change the topic title: We have moved on to the official Build 29 release/stable branch. When a new IWBUMS is released for Build 30 or w/e we will transition to that build instead. Hello Forums! First time poster, long-time player. I've streamed Project Zomboid off and on during its development and I have recently come into a new server and being a long-time player of the game I have decided to host a new public PvE server. I plan on streaming from this server but it's also fun to have a community on it playing regardless of whether I'm streaming or not. This server is open to the public and I maintain it daily. There were lots of issues back in IWBUMS 29.2 and we did a lot of resets since something about foraging would crash out the server and make it impossible for people to join unless I shut the thing down and started over. However, after a few days of 29.3 this bug has not resurfaced. I think it's safe enough to let people back on. If you were on this server before, our frustrations about base building are over! It's been up a few days, but doesn't seem to get placed on the server list very much (i.e. it's up 24/7 but I only see it listed maybe once or twice a day on the server list). Anyway.... Server Rules: 1) UNTIL OCTOBER 20th, PLEASE ASSUME ALL BUILDINGS WITH PLAYER MADE FORTIFICATIONS ARE CLAIMED!!! Players may claim buildings and bases by PAINTING a SYMBOL on the wall or on a nearby sign for a more permanent claim on the building. You may temprorarily claim a building by dropping a notebook near the entrance. It is your responsibility to make sure that people know the area is claimed by painting on it by Oct. 20th. A barricaded house without notebooks or painted symbols after Oct. 20th is considered abandoned and subject to being reset or looted by other players. 2) Players must respect claimed buildings. Do not loot/cook/burn bodies/act like a jerk in another player's base. Admins and admin characters are very active on the server. 3) Players may claim "high-value" buildings such as warehouses and stores. However, you must understand that these are special areas and players will come through looting--they are the exception to the no looting rule. In which case make sure you claim player-made containers--make sure they are marked with notebooks or paint--and don't use the original containers from the building for personal storage. Leave an entrance/exit for people to come in and loot. The map is huge but high-value areas are really rare. We must all share them. 4) Do not cook or set fire to bodies in high-value buildings, even if you've claimed them. You can be a derp and burn down your own house--those are a dime a dozen. But don't be the derp that burns down the gun store. Then there is no gun store, and we are very sad. I know how to reset areas of the map without affecting the rest of the server so griefers can just move on knowing they can't really do any damage. However, I still might be sad enough to whitelist the server mayhaps. Just don't do it and ruin it for everyone. Connection and Admin Contact Info: Should be listed in the Public Server Browser under "Scourge013 Twitch.tv Public Build 29.3 Server" However if it isn't there try connecting to the server directly: It is 24/7. Please report down-time in this thread. Admin Contact: Scourge012 on Steam. Note the 2 not the three. Someone else already had Scourge012 on here for some reason. Server settings: Max Number of Players: Currently 15. This is a datacenter server, not a residential server so we could try a full 64, but we've never had more than 10 so...you know, doesn't seem necessary. If we get a lot of people complaining that it's full in this thread, I'll bump it way up. Zombie Settings: High in Number, Fragile in Health, Everything else is "Proper" or Default. They respawn every 3 hours. Loot: Normal level and Respawns every 3 hours. Electricity and Water: Sooper Secret. Just be prepared Mmmmmm'kay? Weather: Dry. This is to do two things: 1) be easier for brand new players who don't have to worry about getting sick and 2) make life a little more challenging for you end-gamers who rely on rain-barrels. Starting Month: April...you know so you don't have to run around naked. Everything Else I Didn't Mention: Default Have Fun!
  3. Hello Everyone, I will be switching my Currently PVP Server http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5753-project-zomboid-open-pvp-server-located-in-france-pvp-rp-247/ into a PVE - Whitelisted server with the next major release (Build 25). You can sign up for getting on the white-list for the server with the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VOze9Gwy4wTrDnhSe6NKAzb-niXJPen9SLtFU-ugWrQ/viewform NEW SIGNUP WEBSITE http://revolut10n.com/register/ NOTE: Those who have already registered on the google form do not need to re-register. Thank You. Note: I will personally add everyone who signs up on my friends list to confirm that they are the correct person who signed up with their real steamId. And I will need to see that you do own the game to make sure you are the right person. If your profile is private, I will have to ask you to make it public temporarily so i can verify you indeed own the game Project Zomboid. After that, you will be put on the server white-list. If you are caught hacking / cheating, you will be permanently banned from the server.
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