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Found 1 result

  1. Cpt.Flapjack reporting in! So I started my first (real) mod for PZ yesterday, and it's coming along fairly well! As you can probably tell from the title, it's a taser mod! So my idea was to put something in the game that is completely reasonable! So I created a contact taser. My idea was to have a light stealthy weapon that could be used to knock a zed on his/her/it's ass long enough for you to get away! How I see it, a zombie would react very similarly to a human when they were electrocuted by a taser, muscles seize up and you fall over, but with a taser it would be difficult to actually destroy the brain or do enough bodily harm to kill them. It's great for knocking that pesky bugger that has you by the neck on his rear end with a shock. A little side note, my mod is compatible with NecroForge, it can be found spawned using it, with permission of course! My Sprite: I know it's really rough, but I just started and the sprite, along with a lot of the mod, is still under production! So I want feedback, all shapes and sizes appreciated! Ask questions about the mod, anything from lore to technical!
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