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Found 16 results

  1. Trailer(!): Have you ever dream of a re-generated muldraugh where you could salvage again, explore the city, and met zombies while perfectly equipped ? "Yeah but I got a damn safehouse and so much things to hold..." No problem, 'cause you can now export the all thing, to a new world :cool: This program aims to provide a simple solution in order to export your safehouse and your character to a new good-old muldraugh map, making you able to salvage items that initially weren't available and so on. No need to walk around in the forest, for hours and hours, crying, desperately searching for a simple shack. What you need to do, is downloading the program, run it, and follow the instruction. How to: Before starting the program, you need to load your game, and walk through your safehouse (you have to make every part of it, visible, on the screen, before saving). Once you have ran, exit the game like you do normally. Then start the program, select the game directory you want to export (like C:\users\you\zomboid\sandbox\mygame), export it using the export button, wait until it's finished (a pop-up will appear) and finally create the new world using the new button. And it's done, a new game has been created in the game folder, and you should be able to start it using project zomboid. Download: http://ersir.com/pzomboid/export/last_version/pzsaving.jar Current version & privacy: 1.0 The program will inform you when an update is available for download. No other internet request is sent, and no information at all is transmitted (it simply gets the content of a file on the server, and does not send anything else than a "get request"). This program stores a very limtied amount of information (path of the saves, files path used for creating a new world), none of these are either used or sent except locally. These information are stored in the "options.ini" file. Incoming features: I'm planning of updating this software regularly, in order to include much more control on the export system ( like editing what exactly you want to export). Unsupported features: While I was working on this project, I discovered a great program, made by randomer679, which allows you to edit the world options. Since there exists a perfectly working solution for editing the world options, I invite you to use it if you want to modify these options. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/43-pzsaveeditor-v1/ Feedbacks: Please do not hesitate to leave a message if you have any feedback, it would be appreciated. Disclaimer of warranty: The Software is provided 'AS IS' and 'WITH ALL FAULTS', without warranty of any kind, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. The Licensor makes no warranty that the Software is free of defects or is suitable for any particular purpose. In no event shall the Licensor be responsible for loss or damages arising from the installation or use of the Software, including but not limited to any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages of any character including, without limitation, damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all other commercial damages or losses. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Software is borne by you. Should the Software prove defective, you and not the Licensor assume the entire cost of any service and repair.
  2. I made sprites, I tried .. Bug: Using the sewing kit with multiple resources will show all available crafting options and some may not be seen on screen. If you have multiple resources (sheet and usable sheet) in your pack, click on the resource to get its crafting menu, and craft your items like that. That way you will only get the recipes available for that item and not overload the screen with options. Update: Added more uses for usable sheets. Sewing kit spawns on zombies. Update: Added option to cut up clothing using scissors or the sewing kit into usable sheets, these usable sheets can be then sewn back into sheets. Added a sewable shopping bag, this shopping bag also spawns in the world. Added stuff for ripped sheets, sheet ropes, dish towels, socks, tissues and pillows. This mod adds a sewing kit into the world. This sewing kit spawns throughout the world and has a limited number of uses. With this sewing kit and some sheets, you can sew vests, shirts, trousers, skirts, blouses and a new item shorts. Shorts provide a little more warmth than skirts (currently using skirt texture). (I had to remove some images due to image limit) NEW SPRITES!!!! DOWNLOAD: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) INSTALL MOD: Copy the "mods" and "media" folders from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything, it will just add the mod file into your "media/lua", "media/texturepacks" and "/mods/scripts" directories. Wring Out Towel Mod Adds a few crafting recipes so you can wring out that wet towel, getting a dry one. Image coming soon. DOWNLOAD: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  3. Source Code: https://github.com/randomer679/PZSaveEditor This is just a little program I've made so I could edit my sandbox options mid-game. I wanted to be able to turn off zombies at the beginning and then turn them back on later because I'm cowardly like that . Using this program you can edit all of the options you chose when starting a new Sandbox game. Installing The download is attached to this post at the bottom. To use this program just extract the .jar file and run it using Java! Windows: Create an empty text file with notepad and fill it with Line Numbers | Expand Code java -jar PZSaveEditor.jar then save as anynameyouwant.bat and make sure to set the file type to all files. Place it in the same folder as the .jar and double click it to run. Linux (and OS X?): You should know this But just in case here's what to do. Create an empty text file and insert the same text as for Windows. Then just double click it and select run in terminal OR run it from a terminal manually. Usage Once you have the program running just go to file and navigate to your Zomboid save folder. Go into the Sandbox folder and click the folder of the world you want to modify. After clicking open if the world is supported it will load all the current values for you. After this it's pretty much the same as creating a new world with a few differences. To modify some options you will have to enable advanced options. These are just a few that I feel might not be stable. To save your options either click save to just overwrite the options or use save as to save them to a new file. To use that file rename it map_sand.bin and place it in the folder of the world you want to change, overwriting the old one. The reset button only works if you haven't saved yet. It is merely a convenience. Warning I have not tested most of the options. The program is as bug free as I can tell HOWEVER how the game will be affected from changing the options is beyond my control. Therefore you use this at your own risk so make sure you ALWAYS backup your worlds before making any changes. The reason for not testing how the game will react is because the only option I really need at the moment as explained up there ^ is to be able to modify the Zombie amount. So if you choose to ignore this advice it is your own fault. TL;DR You use this at your own risk. While I believe it to be stable and safe, I can not and will not be held responsible for any problems you may have or that may happen whether as a result of your use of this software or not. I WILL however happily try to answer any questions and fix any bugs that you may have. Feedback about the name please. I feel the name could be slightly misleading, but I do want it to stay how it is. So please leave a post about whether you think the name is fine. Thanks! Download Download Here!
  4. Made it for suggestion here. I made a texture.. This is why I don't make textures.. All I did was find a picture of a bottle of soap, cropped it and shrunk it to size. Looks good enough though. Made with (should work with through the new version) Now you can clean that dirty dish with rotten food in it. So you have to start a new game, sorry. (Only for the dish soap spawn, I think...) How Do You Clean Dishes: Find some dish soap. New item spawns more commonly in kitchens. Find a dish towel (use my wring out mod to keep reusing towel). Get your rotten and/or dirty pan or bowl. Squirt some soap on them. Add water (there's a bug with the UI staying open, dupe item bug, please don't cheat. Or else) Then use dish towel on them. + = INSTALL MOD: Copy the "mods" and "media" folders from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything, it will just add the mod file into your "media/lua" and "/mods/scripts" directories. Put the texture in your root PZ directory "PZ/(HERE)". Coming Soon: crossmods for other food mods (unless the food mod author makes their own) DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  5. This mod adds fourteen new boredom reduction items that have uses and will wear out with each use, all but three are craftable. The craftable ones are two new doodles and ones you can make using a pair of scissors on newspapers or magazines. The non craftable ones spawn in the world and on zombies. 18+ ONLY: You can now use that wallet you looted off of that zombie a few days ago. You can now modify the wallet to hold a bunch of pictures, doodles or other related items. (It works as a container, even though you can put a shirt in the wallet doesn't mean you have to... Please play realistically with this mod!!) Using vanilla textures for now. (Removed "Favorite" part of the name, you know there favorites, why do you need to be told they are?) DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox Link)
  6. Hi all, I was surprised when after read skillbook Carpentry - basic, i didn't give multiplier exp for Carpentry. So, i checked where is problem And... found! Normal code without my corrects. So, i corrected it. Now it looks like: Now we can learn skills from SkillBooks! Screenshot: Mnoznik (polish) = Multiplier (english) because i lead project polish translation PZ, so i have polish words in-game. Besides my corrects i added: Skillbooks: - Carpentry - basic - Carpentry - intermediate - Carpentry - advanced - Carpentry - master - Carpentry - grand master - Cooking - basic - Cooking - intermediate - Cooking - advanced - Cooking - master - Cooking - grand master - Farming - basic - Farming - intermediate - Farming - advanced - Farming - master - Farming - grand master Now we can learn Cooking and Farming from SkillBooks! In addition: - Table loot for SkillBooks - TSSkillBooks_dist.lua - Edited main table loot [removed just SkillBooks cause are already in TSSKillBooks_dist]. - Edited file items.txt [removed just SkillBooks cause are already in skillbooks.txt(bigger tidiness)]. - skillbooks.txt - Here are now added all SkillBooks. - In - XPSystem_Skillbook.lua Added: In addition added loot for zombies: - Hammer - 6% chances for loot - Nails - 12% chances for loot Important note! I set for security, boundaries exp multipliers to earning levels didn't happen worthless additive. As we earn 1 lvl skill, that max multiplier is 6. As we earn 2 lvl skill, that max multiplier is 8. As we earn 3 lvl skill, that max multiplier is 10. As we earn 4 lvl skill, that max multiplier is 30. As we earn 5 lvl skill, that max multiplier is 30. Exp to earn to level up: 1 lvl - 100 points. 2 lvl - 300 points. 3 lvl - 1500 points. 4 lvl - 7300 points. 5 lvl - 10900 points. Where add files with archive? Folder media add to main folder with Project Zomboid. Works with Project Zomboid version. TSSKillBooksEN.zip (14 KB) https://mega.co.nz/#!9RlghJhC!b4Cs1C70kk6XCdE884CErTGmJm4VqE6Xz7vYJtxxOoo Time to skill exp!
  7. "Say Hello To My Little Friends" Bugs so far: Ammo is lost on conversion if it is loaded. Infinite durability because of conversion. Coming Soon (In order of me doing it): Durability to remove the infinite on conversion issue. Mod compatibility for more whipping. Swing sprites. Fix losing ammo on conversion issue. It's my habit not to include instructions on how to use my mods, until people figure out how to use them . Thank you Pezi for your feedback. *TIPS* Firearms now have a safety switch, which will jam upon activation.Unjam the safety switch with a screwdriver and hammer, a rather long process.During the unjamming, you will need to clean your weapon with a dish or bath towel.The blunted sawn-off shotgun can be used like a knife in close quarter combat.The blunted shotgun can be crafted with ripped sheets or belts and knives for some ass-whooping. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  8. Hi all, I noticed that moodle HeavyLoad has a small bug. Always read 3rd lvl moodle named "Very Heavy Load" When i tested to receive 4th lvl moodle named "Extremely Heavy Load", it was impossible. So, i checked code in Moodle.java: if (this.Type == MoodleType.HeavyLoad) { int LevelToSet = 0; float weight = this.Parent.getInventory().getRealWeight(); float maxWeight = this.Parent.getMaxWeight().intValue(); float Ratio = weight / maxWeight; if (this.Parent.getBodyDamage().getHealth() != 0.0F) { if (Ratio > 1.0F) { LevelToSet = 3; } } if (LevelToSet != getLevel()) { SetLevel(LevelToSet); MoodleStatusChanged = true; } }And already i'd know why i couldn't receive 4th lvl moodle HeavyLoad or 1st lvl moodle HeavyLoad. So, i corrected this part for: if (this.Type == MoodleType.HeavyLoad) { int LevelToSet = 0; float weight = this.Parent.getInventory().getRealWeight(); float maxWeight = this.Parent.getMaxWeight().intValue(); float Ratio = weight / maxWeight; if (this.Parent.getBodyDamage().getHealth() != 0.0F) { if ((Ratio > 1.0F) && (Ratio < 1.5F)) { LevelToSet = 1; } if ((Ratio >= 1.5F) && (Ratio < 2.5F)) { LevelToSet = 2; } if ((Ratio >= 2.5F) && (Ratio < 5.0F)) { LevelToSet = 3; } if (Ratio >= 5.0F) { LevelToSet = 4; } } if (LevelToSet != getLevel()) { SetLevel(LevelToSet); MoodleStatusChanged = true; } }Compiled back to Moodle.class and turned on game. Without problems. Screenshots: 1st lvl: http://scr.hu/194k/o2l8a 2nd lvl: http://scr.hu/194k/x1dle 3rd lvl: http://scr.hu/194k/ymu1j 4th lvl: http://http://scr.hu/194k/eq00a Download link: Fixed Moodle.class (6 KB) https://mega.co.nz/#!0U8GyCKA!RiRHrHB9n ... NqYnLAJoQQ
  9. This is the start of my Vanilla replacement mod. This is pretty much how I play the game, as I edit a bunch before I can play . NOTE: I didn't change anything that would mess up other mods, all the vanilla items are the same, I just either changed their item types, or made new items to add to vanilla. Things I changed: Organized the items a little better, mainly for me and other modders.You can now repair a broken hammer with a screwdriver and some screws.Pens and pencils now have uses, to make into a weapon you need to tie a ripped sheet on it.Whiskey now has many more uses. (I can't stand the taste of alcohol so I sip)Wine now spawns in the world, with comparable uses to whiskey.Can now barricade with more items. (pan, golf club, axe and more)More items now have the ability to jaw stab, like knifes. (screwdriver, pool cue and more)You can wear socks instead of shoes but get less warmth than shoes. (should it be more?)More stuff I forgot but makes it better. To be added or changed: vanilla boredom reducers to get uses some other stuff, change weights, stuff.... INSTALL MOD:BACKUP THE FOLLOWING FILES FROM YOUR PZ FOLDER:items.txt,newitems.txt,recipes.txt Make sure you backup above files........ Copy the "media" folder from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, OVERWRITE the files you already backed up listed above, it will add the mod files into your "media/lua" and "/media/scripts" directories. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  10. Tired of using that old Nailed Bat? Then Evil Bats is the mod for you!!! With this mod you'll be able to turn that one note item into a multitude of weapons of death. Recipes: Barbed Wire Baseball Bat = Baseball Bat + Barbed Wire + Hammer Razor Blade Baseball Bat = Baseball Bat + 12 Razors + Kitch3n Knife = Tent Spiked Baseball Bat = Baseball Bat + Tent Peg + Hammer FUBAR Jr. Baseball Bat = Baseball Bat + Nails / Tent Peg + Hammer FUBAR Baseball Bat = Barbed Wire + 12 Razor + Hammer Now if that wasn't enough, all used up bats in the vanilla game and Evil Bats mod can be recycled into a Stake Baseball Bat to stab those nasty zeds!!! Recipe: Stake Baseball Bat = All Bats + Kitten Knife Still not enough for you?! What if I also toss in that after the Stake Baseball Bat becomes useless you can then turn it into a Wooden Stick you can use for something else! Recipe: Wooden Stick = Stake Baseball Bat + Kitch3n Knife That's right! No item goes to waste in a vonVile brand Mod! V2M-EvilBats10.zip
  11. Pillows are now just not for snuffing out Kate anymore! With this mod you'll be able to turn that once useless item into other useful things. Recipes: Pillow Case = Pillow + Butter Knife / Fork / Kitch3n Knife / Nails / Pen / Pencil / Scissors / Screwdriver Can Filled Pillow Case (weapon) = Pillow Case + 3 Canned Beans / 3 Canned Soup / 3 Dog Food WARNING!!!: Be sure your Pillow Case is empty before turning it into either a Can Filled Pillow Case or Ripped Bandages, because you'll lose all those items. You can also recycle everything into ripped bandages. Recipe: 8 Ripped Bandages = Pillow / Can Filled Pillow Case (sadly you lose the cans) As for how this mod came about it was over the fact sometimes you get those games where you start surrounded by zombies and can't find a good weapon to literally save you life. Now you can have a better fighting chance. Version History: Latest Version: V2M-PillowMultiTool12.zip Outdated: V2M-PillowMultiTool10.zip
  12. I was thinking about what my next mod should be, when I dug up my old breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe suggestion I posted on the old board a year ago. After looking at it I'm not going to use any of them. Instead I'm going to focus this mod on the gourmet food of the apocalypse... Dead Rat!!! One thing that will be in the mod, that should be in the vanilla version is slicing the loaf of bread into slices like you can do with the watermelon. It annoys the hell out of me that a whole loaf is wasted for one recipe. That's a complete waste of food. Maybe I should just make a quick separate sliced bread mod. What do you think?
  13. Changed the way some previously unused and useless items work. They now reduce boredom and have multiple uses and will wear out and break completely or be repaired. The yo-yo now needs string to make it functional and repairable. The locket needs to be repaired when it breaks with a screwdriver, which will be damaged and lost after the repair. You can eat raw coffee to reduce boredom and risk of thirst and unhappiness and drink bleach of you want to, though it's not encouraged. Adds a new weapon, the broken comb. It's not very useful, except to jam it in a few zombies skulls. If you can't find a weapon and all you have is a comb, it is a real life saver. Not the best way to get the job done, but will do until something better can be made. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) Old versions: 1.0 Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) INSTALL MOD: Copy the "media" folders from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything, it will just add the mod file into your "/media/scripts/" directory.
  14. What is a Swedish Fork Knife?: These ergonomically designed Swedish Kitten knives feature stainless steel blades and provide good balance that gives the arm, wrist and hand a neutral and relaxed working position. The design increases leverage in cutting, utilizing the power of the whole arm and conserving energy, thus making it easier to use for those with a weak grasp and/or reduced hand strength. The Swedish Fork Knife is multipurpose knife with a two prong fork-like tip and a serration on half the blade. Few blades can cut through the thin skin of tomatoes as the 4.5 inch long blade of the Fork Knife. Excellent for food preparation and dining. Weighs 3 3/8 oz. What does a Swedish Fork Knife Look Like?: The stats are my interpretation of the knife, trying to be realistic (at least in my opinion). Spawns rarely considering how much damage it can do. Using Vanilla textures for now. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) If you can't find it in-game, or just want to test it out. Here ya go. Put This in your "PZ/media/lua" folder. Press F6+K to give yourself one in-game. Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) INSTALL MOD: Copy the "mods" and "media" folder from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything (unless on Mac), it will just add the mod file into your "mods/scripts" and "media/lua" directories.
  15. After looking through all the tutorials yesterday I decided to have a stab at my own mod, just expanding and adding to the current food items and the ways they can be used together. With this in mind I'd like to present what I have done so far and what I have planned for the future. What Munch Mania adds; Future additions; More snack itemsBaking cakes/bread.Instant mash (will be able to bulk out meals at the cost of boredom/unhappiness)Recipes focusing on farmed crops and food variety even into long-term gameplay.And much, much more.....Current bugs; Item distribution needs work.Buffs/Debuffs need balancing (I pretty much guessed at values based on vanilla items)Sometimes 3 entries will appear in the context menu for crafting an item.Downloads; Change Log; Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you can help me improve my mod to be up to the high standard I have grown to see on these forums so far. Edit: If this post needs any tweaks please let me know as I haven't made a mod or done any lua beyond ComputerCraft in MineCraft so this is all new ground for me Also I don't get version numbers so am just winging it xD
  16. DON'T READ THIS SPOILER Includes a lightweight spice-bag that spawns in the world.Many new items to loot, including spices, food and jars.Spices are very lightweight so they don't take up too much space.Straight forward vanilla-like and realistic recipes and ingredient lists.Recipes are based off of real life pickling recipes.Now you can pickle almost every food item, even some new items.GET SOME!!!! (you'll get it...)Okay so I know the brine should be cook-able, but I can't carry the cooked tag over to require it, so right now the brine isn't needed to be cooked, not yet, soon. Most of the pickled foods have the same nutritional values. This will be changed, some day. And yes, I know some of the textures don't make sense, reusing vanilla textures for now. Some stuff may be needed to be tweaked, let me know. You might want to use Craft Helper Mod to look at recipes.*BUG* The Craft Helper Book pop-up with all the recipes bogs down from all of the recipes. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you put all your spices in your main inventory, it will make this all a-lot easier. Use a Pot of Water to make the brine, bowls for the starters. How to make a brine starter:Get a bowl and the needed spices, craft with one of the spices or the bowl to get available brine starter recipes. Some brine starters have more than one step but are not labeled as such, they are only labeled "unfinished". The recipes in-game are based off of real life recipes, which I'm not sharing (I'm far too lazy to do things like that), so think real life and you got it, just tap it in, tap tap tap-a-roo, you're doing great.... How to make a completed brine:Get an empty pot and fill it with water, then get the vinegar of choice for the recipe of what your making. Different types of vinegar makes different types of brines. With the exception of the thin brine and a few others, you always need a brine starter to make brines. Some brines need vegetables like onions or extra spices. Some brines need the Kitten knife. Brines have twenty-four (24) uses, just like the pot of water. How to measure with mason jars:Filling small and large jars takes different amount of brine. the small jars are one (1) pint and the large jars are two (2) pints. It takes two brine uses to fill up one small jar, four brine uses to fill up large jars. One pot of brine will fill twelve small jars or six large jars. You can dump out left-over brines and starters. How to pickle stuff:Get your brine(s) together with your mason jars, sometimes needed extra spice or onions or other needed item. You are also going to need a Kitten knife and the item or items you are pickling. Each recipe is different on the amount of items you need, for example the candied ginger only uses a small amount of fresh ginger because you are chopping off small pieces. Pickles of course are going to require less cucumbers. Some pickled jars have more pickled items in it than you used for the recipe, this is because you sliced or chopped it up into small pieces, like the ginger. How to eat pickled food:Get your Jar of pickled food in your inventory, then use the menu to Get Some ***, then the pickled item is in your inventory available to eat or whatever you want, as long as it gets in your body, somehow... Once you have gotten all your some, the jar will become empty. You can then either drink the left-over pickled juice or dump it out, it is recommended you drink it, because your thirst it will quench, plus it will make you happy and reduce boredom. After drinking or dumping the juice, you will get the empty jar back, which can be then used again for pickling or filled with water. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Food Expansion Pickled Rat Expansion requires Tooks Food Expansion Mod and my Food Pickling Mod. Updates:1.1c removed the pickled rat from the food pickling mod.1.1b all brine and brine starter recipes should work now. 1.1 fixed some stuff, added a spice-bag. Upcoming(Soon):Moving spices to a separate new Spices Mod, which will make it easier to use for other modders.More spices, foods (some will be a separate mod), brines, pickled items and boredom reducers.Adding in suggestions. (Still need some of these)Some fixes. Upcoming(Later):Better nutritional values for pickled foods to match brine qualities.Cookable brines. SOME SCREENSHOTS AND RECIPES: Some fun things to reduce boredom at cost of happiness or thirst, or both are fish sauce and red chili peppers.Brown sugar can be used in place of sugar and it uses a-lot less.You can re-use vinegar bottles for water, just like mason jars.The spice-bag makes two pounds of spices weigh only one pound. (changing soon though) DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (Xeno-Mods) | Mirror (My Dropbox Link) Food Expansion Pickled Rat Expansion: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
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